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  Overwatch Hitbox Hell - The Genji Deflect Debacle  Can we deflect asteroids?  Overwatch Genji Guide - How & When To Deflect  Overwatch Advanced Genji Guide: Deflect & Shuriken Accuracy  Netanyahu Targets Iran to Deflect From Occupation  Overwatch | Which Ultimates Can Genji Deflect?  Are Trump protesters out to deflect attention from Dems?  Nasa Is Building Satellites To Deflect Asteroids From Earth Impact  Overwatch - NEW Genji Deflect Voice Lines + HyperX GIVEAWAY! | Hammeh  Hillary Clinton is scrambling to deflect the blame: Stuart Varney  Dr. Phil to Dina Lohan: "You deflect everything."  USA: Trump's top deputies deflect criticism over border wall  Notley/ Wall feud "a way to deflect" from NDP failures  Netanyahu Targets Iran to Deflect From Occupation - TheRealNews  Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina Deflect Questions in WI. (3-28-16)  Kellyanne Conway Brings Up Benghazi in Desperate Attempt To Deflect From Trump  Trump could start war to deflect attention from plunging approval ratings: Analyst  PML N government wanted to deflect attention from the real issue of Dawn Leaks, says Hamid Mir  The White House is already trying to deflect blame for the Wanna Cry(pt) attacks.  Mike Pence uses the ISIS dodge to deflect from Trump's sexual assault admission  State Dept. / Pentagon Deflect Questions On Iran-Backed Missile Attacks on US Navy Destroyer  CNN Panel Explodes When Guest Brings Up Brazile Firing; Baldwin, Nutter Shamefully Deflect  Asteroid defense: NASA to test plan that will deflect asteroids from crashing into Earth - TomoNews  Is Trump using China trade probe to deflect from domestic problems?  President Trump Heads to Cincinnati, Ohio to Give Remarks / Deflect Comey  Malaysia: Incident used to deflect S.Korean scandal, force missile deployment - N.Korea  Trump Supporter Tries To Use MLK To Deflect Nazi Salute Controversy  How the Trump team is attempting to deflect the Mueller investigation  Israel Unveils New Defense System To Deflect Accusations Of Human Rights Violations  Wikileaks 15: Putin And Russia Referenced 178 Times In Debate To Deflect From Clinton's Scandals

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