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  219 potential planets Discovered.  How Dubstep was Discovered  Preview: Discovered  World's Biggest Virus Discovered  Diamonds Discovered in Manitoba  Trees Discovered In Antartica  How exoplanets are discovered  Texas "Supershark" Fossils Discovered  Einstein's Gravitational Waves Discovered  Second Spice Stash Discovered  New Pyramids Discovered?  New Rembrandt Discovered  Hepatitis C Cure Discovered  Antimatter Light Spectrum Discovered!  Human bones discovered  $50,000 Treasure Discovered  Earthbound - New Secret Discovered  Emerald Discovered a Bombshell  Wooly mammoth discovered  Trump Secret Weapon Discovered  Trump's Secret Weapon Discovered  New Whale Species discovered  Oldest Fossilized Bugs Discovered  Minentle Lekhatha's body discovered  Tigers discovered in Thailand  New predator dinosaur discovered  How Ebola Was Discovered  Sacred text discovered  Rare ancient sarcophagus discovered in Israel  Language Currently Under Development Discovered  Giant Feathered Dinosaur Discovered  New Facebook patents discovered  New sunfish species discovered  Loaded firearm discovered  New Human Body Part Discovered  Pirate Bones Discovered Under Scotland Playground  Ivan the Terrible's military arsenal discovered  New Van Gogh Painting Discovered  Planet-Eating ‘Death Star’ Discovered  Trove of new horror species discovered in Australian abyss  Farthest Galaxy from Earth Discovered  Second, new 'alien megastructure' discovered  New glass frog species discovered  Body Discovered Inside Brooklyn Home  New dinosaur discovered in Alaska  Body discovered in Coshocton County  Most Powerful Quasar Discovered | Video  Massive python discovered in Malaysia  Severed head, headless body discovered   Pedophile Ring Discovered On Periscope  Mexico's largest clandestine graves discovered  World’s Largest Dinosaur Footprint Discovered  Anti-Trump Bot Network Discovered  Bones discovered in Cass county  Fake Ikea Discovered In China  Newly-discovered palace puzzles archaeologists  Seven earth-like planets discovered  Living fossil discovered in China  2 Baby Mountain Lions Discovered  Ancient city discovered in Iraq  New powerful antibiotic Teixobactin discovered  Rare, Supermassive Black Hole Discovered  Body discovered off Roosevelt Island  ‘Superhenge’ Discovered Underground Near Stonehenge  Largest Known Solar System Discovered  Shipwreck Discovered Near Fort Morgan  Seven Earth-size Exoplanets Discovered!  Seven New Frog Species Discovered  A new dinosaur was discovered.  New species discovered in Amazon  Newly Discovered Autism Causes Ignored  Two tunnels discovered by Border Patrol  7 potentially habitable exoplanets discovered  7 Earth-sized planets discovered  Salem Witch Hangings Site Discovered  New Indonesian Toad Species Discovered  Hottest water on Earth discovered  Plot To Overthrow Trump Discovered  Plants' daily alarm clock discovered  New Sonic Mania Zone Discovered

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