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  Fight for faceless electors  Michelle Malkin on Hamilton electors: “They’re not faithless electors. These are feckless electors."  Celebrities appeal to Electors to "DUMP" Trump  NC presidential electors cast votes for Trump  Ohio electors vote for Donald Trump  More Electors Turning Against Trump?  Four electors change their vote  Progressive Harassment Backfires and Clinton Loses 5 Electors  4 Washington electors to be fined $1,000 for their vote  12/14/16: Rick Wiles, The Faithless Hamilton Electors  Surprise! Clinton's Camp Was Working With Electors  Arkansas presidential electors receive death threats  Georgia's electors officially back Trump, Pence  WATCH: Protesters disrupt Wisconsin presidential electors' Trump vote  Sore Loser Celebrities Beg Electors to Vote Against Trump  US Democrats intimidate electors in Nazi style  Fla. electors vote Trump despite mounting pressure  Massachusetts' 11 Electors Cast Ballots For Hillary Clinton  Protestors ask electors not to vote for Trump  Hollywood's 'far left' message to French electors  Electors won't be briefed on Russian hacking  Wisconsin electors firm on vote despite thousands of emails, letters  Matt Mackowiak To Balking Electors - Carry Out Your Duty  Republican Electors Could Still Prevent A Trump Presidency  Florida's 29 electors all cast votes for Trump  ELECTORS LIFES BEING THREATENED DAILY IN BID TO STOP TRUMP  More Democratic Electors Bailed On Their Candidate Than Republicans  The one election where Faithless Electors made a difference  US President Chosen by Electors, Not Popular Vote  RUSH: Why Isn't FBI Investigating Threats Against Electors?  Electoral College Survey Shows Electors Will Stand By Trump  ALL-LIBERAL "Celebrities" to GOP electors: Dump Trump!  Pundits Back Rogue Electors - Scheme To Overturn Trump's Victory - Media Buzz  'This Is My America!': Protester Objects to WI Electors' Trump Votes  Cardinal Paolo Sardi turns 80 years old. Cardinal Electors goes down to 115 | Vatican  The Moment A Hillary Clinton Supporter Realizes The Electors Voted for Donald Trump  Kansas' 6 GOP electors preparing to cast ballots for Trump  Electors Want Trump-Russia Briefing and Hillary Clinton Does Too  Why Michigan Electors Should Not Be Allowed To Vote . . .  'Celebrities' Beg the Electors To Ignore Democracy In America  Today's Tipping Points: Berlin Attack, Faithless Electors, & Fake News!  Another 19 Electors Call For Briefing On Russia Hacking Allegation Before The Vote For Trump -Cavuto  Faithless Electors? @Liz_Wheeler has a message for you. (Hint: you're tyrannical)  Electors will NOT be Getting “Russian Hacker Briefings” Before Voting  RNC and Trump campaign on High Alert over Faithless Electors!!!  Michigan’s 16 electors vote for Trump as expected  Wayne Madsen: Democrats / CIA Trying to Flip Electors to Hillary  Cia Influencing Electoral College: Clinton Urges Electors To Read Cia Report Linking Trump To Russia  Hillary Clinton campaign backs call from electors for intel briefing about Russian hacking  Harvard Prof: Electors Close to Blocking Trump; Trump Trying to Stop Elector Lawsuit  Dump Trump? Electors Will Encounter Rallies in 50 State Capitols Tomorrow Dec. 19  North Carolina presidential electors practice for their Dec. 19, 2016, ceremony  Electoral College Breaking News: More Dem Than Gop Defections. Electors Refuse To Vote Clinton.  Not here to oppose any person or party, here with all humility to place before electors: G  Federal judge blocks motion by Colorado electors to upend state rules in hopes of not electing Trump  Tucker Finds Out Death Threats Do Not Trump Electors Duty To Abide By The Will Of The People  Electors remain faithful to Trump and select him as official winner  Electors remain faithful to Trump and select him as official winner  Sheen Messing Other Celebrities Appear In Video Urging Electors NOT To Vote For Trump  Why the MI Electors Should Not Be Counted On Dec 18th  ‘SNL': Hillary Clinton Gives the ‘Love, Actually’ Treatment To Electors Who Are Supposed to Vote Tru  News: An Intelligence Briefing Is Demanded By Electors Concerning Russian Hacking  RUSH: B-List Celebs Urging Electors Not To Vote Trump Don't Realize "Trump IS Hamilton!"  Today's Tipping Points: Fake News, China steals a drone, & Faithless electors!  Richard Painter Says Electors Shouldn't Vote For Trump With Current Conflicts  Tucker Carlson Tonight [12/15/16] - Liberal Professor Thinks Trump Electors Will Defect  Larry Nichols: 30 Electors Are Looking For Excuse To Flip From Trump  Electors remain faithful to Trump and select him as official winner  Not here to oppose any person or party, here with all humility to place before electors: G

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