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  Honoré: Remember Katrina, evacuate  Evacuate the Island  Residents Evacuate Flooded Edgecumbe  "Angels" helping people evacuate  Hurricane Irma: Preparing to evacuate  Road conditions as people evacuate  Syrians evacuate militant-besieged towns  Thousands evacuate after power outage  Shivering residents evacuate Port Arthur  Great escape: Floridians evacuate state  Deadly California wildfires force thousands to evacuate  Israeli police evacuate Amona settlement  Israeli forces evacuate Amona outpost  Are you prepared to evacuate?  Texas residents urged to evacuate  EVACUATE Hurricane Irma Florida race to Escape #NuclearHurricane EVACUATE Florida irmageddon  Flooding: Know when to evacuate  French authorities evacuate migration centre  Flamingos evacuate in single-file  Volunteers evacuate wildlife during Irma  Puerto Rico Dam Residents Evacuate  Chile wildfire forces thousands to evacuate  Ukrainian Authorities Prepare to Evacuate Avdiivka  Oroville dam forces thousands to evacuate  Residents near Oroville Dam evacuate over flooding fears  Gov. Scott urges Floridians to evacuate  Hospitals in Beaumont, Tex. forced to evacuate  Flood forces Texas TV station to evacuate  Last rebel fighters evacuate from Homs, Syria  Qatar Airways has chartered emergency flights to evacuate stranded passengers  Bomb threats evacuate 2 San Diego schools  Syrian residents, fighters evacuate from besieged towns  Boulder, Colorado Flooding: Dams Breached, Thousands Evacuate  Passengers evacuate MARTA train following fire  BREAKING! Manchester Police Evacuate Arndale Shopping Center!  Thousands evacuate amid Hurricane Patricia's threat  Schools evacuate due to bomb threat  Modesto residents evacuate as Tuolumne River rises  Fumes evacuate San Diego-bound plane  Tourists evacuate from quake-hit Kos  US Floods: Military personnel evacuate stranded residents  Navy arrives in Kaikoura to evacuate  Hospitals evacuate patients ahead of Irma  Residents evacuate Flagler County, fear for beach  Miami-Dade mayor warns: Don't wait, evacuate  Miami Officials Evacuate Homeless Ahead of Irma  Hurricane Jose causes Westport residents to evacuate  Nearly 50,000 evacuate area near Bali volcano  Residents of apartment complext must evacuate Thursday  Thousands evacuate as California wildfires kill 10  Wildfires in Israel over 80,000 people to evacuate  Families evacuate inland as Hurricane Matthew approaches  Residents Ordered to Evacuate near Calif. Dam  Residents Ordered to Evacuate near Calif. Dam  Millions urged to evacuate as hurricane strengthens  Hurricane Irma forces military to evacuate patients  Rescuers Battle Floodwaters as Residents Evacuate Edgecumbe  Police Threaten To Evacuate Flint Protest Camp  Bomb threat forces Target to evacuate  Egyptian residents evacuate as building topples  Residents Evacuate Dorchester Neighborhood After Massive Fire  ‪‪Oroville Dam Update evacuate - Youtube News  Wilton residents advised to evacuate as  Raw: 4,000 Evacuate Northern California Wildfire  Mariposa residents evacuate due to fire  Minnesotan has to evacuate Corpus Christi  Residents South of Houston Evacuate Homes  FDOT monitoring traffic as people evacuate  Miami-Dade mayor warns: Don't wait, evacuate  Thousands evacuate Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma  Florida Keys residents evacuate amid flooding fears  Key West Police Evacuate, Reach Mainland  Police evacuate Fort Myers mobile homes  Ga. Coastal Residents Instructed to Evacuate  Puerto Ricans evacuate to Louisiana after hurricane  Flooding Forces San Jose, California Residents to Evacuate  Peru Floods: Soldiers evacuate stranded families  Syrians evacuate Homs' Al Waer district  Florida Residents Evacuate As 'Suspicious' Fire Spreads  Nearly 200,000 evacuate amid California dam emergency

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