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  Robot Inventor  Kid Inventor  Lenny Hatch - Inventor/Entrepreneur  Jelly Belly Inventor  Teen Inventor: Hot Seat  KansasFest Profile: The Inventor  Wacky Inventor - Japan  Surgeon turned inventor  America's Greatest Inventor  Ukrainian Inventor Builds Wooden "Robots"  European Inventor Award 2013 - hitech  Local inventor creates catching machine  David Vidmar - Glide Cycle Inventor  App Inventor for Android Hands On  Bottle Light Inventor Lives a Frugal Life  Claude Shannon: inventor of the information age  Inventor Denies Murdering Swedish Journalist  LittleBits Droid Inventor Kit: One Cool Thing  Envisioning The Future With Inventor Cori Lathan  British Inventor Creates 'Fire Tornado Firework Launcher'  The Nigerian inventor building a jet car   Ellen Meets a Wonderful Kid Inventor  Meet the inventor of the emoji  The unsung inventor of the selfie stick  Crazy inventor microwave oven, game console mounted.  Your Story: Young Inventor, Tonje Kiprop  Drug inventor: 'Meldonium is not doping'  Animated Google Doodle - Inventor of the Piano Bartolomeo Cristofori  Jenga Death Match With The Game's Inventor  Kenyan inventor harnesses the power of weed  One-of-a-Kind Kid Inventor Gideon  Heimlich Maneuver Inventor Saves Woman with Technique  Young township inventor creates devices from junk  iGun inventor shows off 'smart' gun  African inventor makes 3D printer from scrap  AK-47 Inventor Honoured with Moscow Statue  Mophie inventor reveals $399 smart electric scooter for commuters  Maxine Medina Apologizes for "Terno" Inventor Mistake  Is This Man the Inventor of Bitcoin?  Interview: Inventor Dean Kamen introduces 'ARMI'  What the USB Stick Inventor Did Next  Chinese inventor unveils 'Jia Jia', the most realistic robot ever  European Inventor Award 2013 Claus Hämmerle and Klaus Brüstle (Industry)  Klamath Falls inventor designs new propulsion system  Waterproof your cellphone: Inventor creates 'Liquidoff'  Inventor Yoshiro Nakamatsu honored in Manitou Springs  Inventor launches manual wheelchair with steering system  Inventor says he can prevent flying rocks from breaking windshields  Bionic Arm Inventor Albert Manero Inspires Young Students via Skype  Retired ISP trooper & inventor of stop sticks develops Safety Arrow  Good Morning Kuya: Filipino inventor of Water Treatment Device  Inventor Transforms Lives with Cheap 3-D Prosthetics  Inventor creates cycle for those with mobility problems  AMD FirePro Certificated Graphics Cards for Autodesk VRED and Inventor  Chinese Inventor Gives All to Make Giant Robot  17-year old inventor makes improvised cellphone projector | AHA!  Prof Yehuda Schoenfeld, Inventor and Co Founder at TPCera  Achievers episode 1: Nigeria's pioneering game card inventor  Moscow unveils statue of Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK-47  Oculus Rift inventor sets sights on border surveillance  Oculus Rift inventor sets sights on border surveillance  The inventor of the Big Mac dies aged 98  Margaret E. Knight: Female Inventor | 7 Days Of Genius | MSNBC  How to be an inventor ! | mohammad abdollahzadeh | TEDxSanabaad  LIVE: Monument to AK-47 inventor is unveiled in Moscow  Wellington resident is the inventor of the "Death Box"  Inventor charged With Swedish Journalist’s Death Allegedly Had Decapitation Videos  Peru's Young Inventor Fights Climate Change with Organic Fertilizer  Lancaster County man is inventor of 'The Cooling Straw'  Young Intel inventor stuns with high-tech gadgets  Dennis Lee - Free Energy Inventor Refused Buy Out Then Arrested!  Meet the inventor of the electronic spreadsheet | Dan Bricklin  Ambulance drone could help save lives, says inventor  Marie Van Brittan Brown: Inventor | 7 Days Of Genius | MSNBC  Inventor Unveils Functioning 'Iron Man' Flight Suit During SDCC 2017  euronews hi-tech - Dutch inventor cleans up water treatment  The inventor of red Solo cup has died  Boise inventor creates new child-resistant pill bottle  Gay Rights Activist And Rainbow Flag Inventor Dies At 65  Inventor of World Wide Web Snags Computer Science's Top Prize

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