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  Ivory trade  Ivory crushing #wildlifetrade  China will ban domestic ivory trade  China Bans Ivory Trade  100 tonnes of Ivory burned in Kenya  Conservationists Demand Tougher Enforcement Against Ivory Gangs  Ivory Coast: Partial Justice  The Newsmakers: Ivory Coast's Mutiny  China cracks down on lucrative ivory trade  Kenya burns world's biggest ivory haul  Hong Kong announces ivory trade ban  Fresh gunfire rocks Ivory Coast  Demand for mammoth ivory brings profits, problems  National Geographic: Warlords of Ivory  National Geographic Warlords of Ivory  baby Chimpanzee sold As Pets Ivory Coast  Ivory Coast Infant Separated From Parasitic Twin  Kenya leads in war against Ivory trade  Documentary looks at Illegal Ivory Trade  Vodka, Amputation, Ivory -- A Siberian Mammoth Hunt  Ivory poaching crisis in Kenya  Project Khanya Ivory Park 2017  Kenya Sends Ivory Poachers A 105-Ton, Burning Message  WWE Alumni: Ivory vs. Trish Stratus  WTAE says goodbye to Demetrius Ivory  Ivory worth Sh12M seized in Mariakani  UK to Extend Ivory Trade Ban  By The Numbers: Kenya's Ivory Burn  Illegal gold mines operating in Ivory Coast  More video of ivory being crushed #wildlifetrade  Science from the ivory tower  Illegal Mining in Northern Ivory Coast  A new brewery opens in Ivory Coast  Ivory weighing 70 kilos seized in Mariakani  Ivory Coast reshuffles cabinet, replaces key ministers  Ivory Coast: Brewery business becomes competitive  Viet man nabbed at KLIA for ivory smuggling  Police disperse Ivory Coast cocoa producers protest  China starts to shut down ivory factories ahead of ban  Mick Fleetwood joins massive 'Ivory Crush' in New York  Dark Souls 2 - How to Beat The Burnt Ivory King  Ivory coast sends troops to Mali  Ivory Coast on the offensive against pneumonia  Ivory Coast's economic comeback | FT World Notebook  Ivory Coast's economic comeback | FT World Notebook  Ivory Coast: Revival of colourful fabric business  China Poised to Close Ivory Factories  Millions of dollars worth of ivory crushed in NYC  Africa... States of Independence - Ivory Coast  Confiscated contraband ivory crushed in Dubai landfill  Ivory Coast evicts farmers to save forests  Ivory worth half a million US dollars seized in Thailand  KLIA Customs stop ivory, drug smugglers  China will ban ivory trade by the end of 2017  Hong Kong Seizes Largest Ivory Haul In 30 Years  HKong seize 7,200 kilos of ivory  Saving Elephants: Ivory Crush in Central Park  Macron welcomes Ivory Coast leader Ouattara  China's ivory trade sees big declines  Gunfire heard at Ivory Coast military headquarters  Uganda Accuses Chinese Diplomats of Stealing Ivory  Ivory Coast Mutiny: Military launches operation against mutineers  Ivory Coast: Calm trickles back in Bouake  Elephant saved from ivory poachers in Kenya  Japanese Online Retailer Bans Ivory Sales  Ouattara declines leadership of Ivory Coast ruling party  Undercover at Laos' illegal ivory trade  Yahoo Making Money Off Illegal Ivory Trade  China bans commercial ivory trade and production  Gunfire erupts in Abidjan, Bouake amid mutiny in Ivory Coast  New York Crushes Millions of Dollars' Worth of Illegal Ivory  IVORY TOWER Documentary on Exploding Tuition Costs w. Andrew Rossi  Elephants and the Illegal Ivory Market  Money Talks: Street-pharmacies in Ivory Coast  Ivory Coast Mission Closed Though Tensions Remain  Banana farming in Ivory Coast revitalising  $70,000 of ivory products seized in Malaysia  Power lifting championship, Ivory Coast [The Morning Call]  2 Tons Of Ivory Crushed In Central Park  Wildlife advocates push for ivory trade ban in Hawaii

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