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  We climbed this chimney a while ago.  Just noticed this sub's profile photo is in a video I made a while ago.  [OC] smith grind late flip from a while ago  Just Moments Ago This NFL Protester Lost a Major Endorsement, Football Fans Thrilled DETAILS  SECONDS AGO! House Just Passed A Bill To Ban ‘The Application Of Foreign Law’  Seconds Ago John Mccain Just Became A Democrat With What He Just Declared About Neil Gorsuch  Ben Affleck's New Girlfriend Lindsay Shookus Split From Husband 'A While Ago' According to Source  A moonboard problem I set a while ago. Let me know what you think.  Not a wavepool, just the Sunshine Coast while I visited  Michelle Just Abandoned Her Family On Vacay And Took A LOT With Her After What Came Out Hours Ago  Crazy pop and steeze from a good while ago: Sean Mullendore  With Only EIGHT Words Trump Gave The Coast Guard The Gift Of A Lifetime Just Minutes Ago  Music from a century ago  May Day Getting Rowdy In Portland Oregon Just Minutes Ago  TRUMP TRIPLES DOWN Trump Just Did Something Moments Ago That’ll Have Democrats Going Crazy!  IT’S HAPPENING Loretta Lynch Just Got Thrown Under The Bus After What Comey Said Seconds Ago…  Trump Just STUNNED North Korea With What He Did Minutes Ago  SECONDS AGO! Neil Gorsuch Just Got VERY GOOD NEWS – THIS IS EXCELLENT!  HAPPY ST TRUMP DAY! What Trump Just Did In Michigan Moments Ago Is Shocking Everyone…  Widow Of Officer Killed Years Ago Just Had His Baby  Cavuto: Where were you a week ago?   Cavuto: Where were you a week ago?  Just Moments Ago Trump Put A Stop To Obama’s Horrible Last Plan To Screw America!  Democrats Are Done: Mike Pence Just Put A Big Fat Nail In Their Coffin Moments Ago  False Flag Alert! Seconds Ago Putin Just Called Out Trump With A Chilling And Unthinkable Claim!!!  ☢MSNBC Just Cut Into President Trump’s Speech Seconds Ago To Do Sick Thing To Him  In honor of throwback week, here's a video I made a while ago of Mark Martin's top 5 wins (imo)  Moments Ago Melania Gave The Amazing Reason The White House Just Went Pink  KILL SHOT President Trump Just Gave Mitch McConnell Very Bad News Minutes Ago  AMAZING DISCOVERY: incredible artifact for 2,700 years ago might just prove UNESCO wrong.  Trump Just Gave a HUGE Gift to Our Military Men and Women While Pissing Off the Feds  Cool for a while  Just driving through a puddle.  Just a panda giving birth  Just wanted to share a specific workout i had with my teammates a couple of years ago ( I'm the setter )  While Scalise Lies In The Hospital, Elizabeth Warren Just THREATENED Something Worse  SECONDS AGO! Massive Fraud Just Uncovered, After 3 Year Investigation Washington Revealed Fraud On  SECONDS AGO! Trey Gowdy With An Immediate Order To A Judge Regarding A Hillary Clinton Case!  HILLARY JUST MADE "A FOOL" OF HERSELF WHILE JUDGING IVANKA TRUMP WATCH WHAT HAPPENED  Japan's mega-sinkhole is repaired in just a WEEK. While motorists around the world.  Student Concession While Traveling by Bus Your Right.RTI Application Just Got a Response.  [OC] Homie video a friend made a couple years ago  Surface Laptop Introduced While Images Leaked Just Before Microsoft's Event...  Trying to have a garden while living on the road. Just an experiment we're trying!  Live Satellite News - Ted Cruz "We Just Witnessed a Miracle Here Today..." while in Texas  Duterte to Reds: Can we just stop fighting for a while?  Live Satellite News - Ted Cruz "We Just Witnessed a Miracle..." while in Texas  Crash while filming a tailgater!  Vid from a while ago, forgot to it post up. My perspective of Bills "Skater Hunter NYC" Enjoy  Tom Cotton Just Ripped Chuck Schumer To Pieces Because He Asked Him Where He Was 8 Years Ago, Well D  It was Just a Cigarette  Crash while filming a tailgater!!!  U.S. Student lives in Slums and Cooks over open Fires While Touring World on just $10 a DAY...  STEALTH Trump Just Permanently Made America Great Again While Media Was Looking the Other Way  While Scalise Lays In Hospital, NBC Just Attacked Him In Ugly Video Going Viral  While No One Was Looking, Trump Just Passed Bill That Will Help Every American Win Big!  While Scalise Lays In Hospital, This Dem Nutjob Just Revealed Who’s Next And It’s UNFORGIVABLE  Lindsay Lohan Wears A BURKINI In Thailand While Studying Islam  Extremely brazen couple filmed having sex while riding a motorbike  The Famous Plasco Building in Tehran, Iran Collapsed Just Hours Ago After being consumed by fire  Just a zebrazoodle living his best life  Just a casual drive through the woods.  Billie Faiers looks amazing just a week after giving birth to her second child  Snow is just a thing for Audi.  He just wants a piggy back ride  Just a cat and his human enjoying a watermelon  'Just a Sigh' Trailer (2014): Emmanuelle Devos, Gabriel Byrne  Hannity Just DROPPED A NUKE on Obama!  JUST A GIRL AND HER PUP  Just a cut up  Just a Memory  Just a reminder  Just a Wizard  Just a regular billionaire  Ancient Stone Carvings Confirm That A Comet Hit Earth 13000 Years Ago  Just under 15th years ago, a promising 20 year old won their first masters title to enter the top ten  Tyga's Lambo set to be Repossessed just like his Bentley was a few months ago Because He Owes $450K  Seconds Ago Donald Trump Just Glared At Camera & Said 1 Thing That Has Obama Squirming Like A Toad!!  NEWS of the third Royal baby comes after a high profile moment just two months ago that could have b  "We Gave You 15 Billion Last August & You Just Started A Few Weeks Ago?" Jason Chaffetz is Pissed

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