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  Lawmaker Questioning  Lawmaker Faces Angry Crowds Over Health Care Vote. #Lawmaker #HealthCare  Lawmaker Proposes Masturbation Fines  Lawmaker condemns Rebekah Mason  Meet Ohio’s youngest lawmaker  Privacy of lawmaker emails  Osundare challenges Federal Lawmaker  Former Lawmaker pleads guilty  Ecuador's Guerrilla Turned Lawmaker  State Lawmaker DWI Arrest  No reports yet on human rights abuses — Mindanao lawmaker  Former PTI lawmaker Ziaullah Afridi joins PPP  State lawmaker proposes ride-sharing program  New Mexico lawmaker proposes teen curfew law  Lawmaker in European Parliament Makes Sexist Remarks  Colorado lawmaker drafts fracking bill  Lawmaker: Immigrants fear Trump policies  Chris Cuomo hammers GOP lawmaker  Lawmaker: Plan a 'conversation starter'  Rifle-Wielding Gunman Wounds Lawmaker  Massachusetts Lawmaker Consider Inmate Bill  Texas Lawmaker Stranded By Harvey  Lawmaker questions gas attack evidence  Lawmaker urges action on lead  Lawmaker wants Sterling's killer prosecuted  GOP lawmaker opposes ObamaCare repeal  Mexican lawmaker says he scaled border fence  Wisconsin lawmaker wants to legalize marijuana  Lawmaker wants to extend school year  Lawmaker calls out Dallas for statue removal  Idaho lawmaker says some teachers "clearly" overpaid  Lawmaker blasts Walker welfare plan  'Piggybacked' lawmaker resigns over gaffe  Lawmaker breaks down recounting shooting  Lawmaker apologizes for lynching comment  Virginia Attack Highlights Lawmaker Vulnerability  Lawmaker reaction to Carrier deal  Lawmaker Wants Mining Moratorium Lifted  Lawmaker: Valley’s heroin problem ‘catastrophic,’ resources needed  Upstate Lawmaker Wants Change after DJJ audit  Lawmaker wants tougher OWI penalties  Lawmaker questions gas attack evidence  GOP lawmaker faces angry protesters  Ukraine Peace Plan 'Absurd' - Lawmaker  Arizona lawmaker proposes ‘sunscreen bill’  Lawmaker responds to DCF investigation  Lawmaker uses Facebook to raise education awareness  US lawmaker 'stunned' by Title IX investigation  Lawmaker: Mr. Speaker, impeach Donald Trump  Michigan lawmaker charged with paying ghost employee  Former Russian lawmaker killed in Ukraine  Lawmaker: 'War doesn't get any easier'  State drops prosecution of former state lawmaker  WA lawmaker proposes mandatory cursive in schools  BJP lawmaker calls for demolition of Jinnah House  Lawmaker Drops Biggie Smalls lyrics on the House floor  California Lawmaker Proposes Single-Payer Healthcare  Texas Lawmaker Threatens To Shoot Another Lawmaker In The Head After Calling ICE On Protesters!  Lawmaker: Pyongyang ‘Positively Gleeful’ Over Trump’s ‘Appeasement’ Tweet  Tucker takes on Dem lawmaker on Gorsuch, abortion  New Mexico lawmaker hopes to extend Daylight Saving Time  Lawmaker told off after sexist comments  'Burn Down Police Station,' Congress Lawmaker Urges Protesters On Camera  Lawmaker wants to raise min. wage for school workers  Gay Alabama Lawmaker May Expose Coworker Infidelity  Panel Discuss GOP Lawmaker Calls Ice on Protesters; Scuffle Erupts. #GOP #Lawmaker  Russian Lawmaker Offers New Take on Hooliganism  Republican lawmaker introduces legislation to limit school referendums  Nevada lawmaker calls for review of deportations under Obama  Lawmaker: I called immigration authorities on Capitol protesters  New Mexico lawmaker wants to raise legal age for smoking  New Mexico lawmaker wants higher taxes on alcohol  DISTRACTED WALKING: Bay Area Lawmaker Proposes Ticketing Cellphone Using Pedestrians  Ukrainian Lawmaker Says Manafort Hid Yanukovych Payments  Former Russian lawmaker shot dead in Ukraine  UK Lawmaker Suggests War Over Gibralter  Services set for Michigan lawmaker John Kivela  Party Politics: Plateau Lawmaker Defects To APC  Lawmaker on shooting: Political hate to blame  Lawmaker: Puzzled by 'long-range bromance'

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