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  European legislation  E-cigarette legislation approval  Comprehensive Veterans Legislation  Police chiefs promote legislation  Heroin Opioid Legislation  Pro Life Legislation  Vista Update - Marijuana Legislation  Legislation Watch: Casinos  Legislation Watch: Affirmative Consent  Duterte Prioritizes Bangsamoro Legislation  Anti-bullying legislation  Budget Process Legislation  New border legislation  Changes to CPP legislation  Legislation Watch: Recreational Marijuana  Legislation Watch: Uber  Step-by-step legislation  BTN11: Tragedy sparks Minnesota legislation  Legislation update for payroll professionals in 2012  Trump Seeks New Immigration Legislation  Texas Passes Anti-BDS Legislation  Trump signs VA accountability legislation  Turning demonstrations into legislation, action  Nurses seeking caseload reduction legislation  Workshop on BEE legislation underway  Trump signs VA accountability legislation  CloseUP: Right-to-work legislation  Senate passes airport security legislation  Bipartisan legislation Making a Comeback  Increase for tipped workers legislation  Romanians Rally Against Corruption Legislation  California Single-Payer Legislation Stalls  Sheriff Decries Proposed Sanctuary Legislation  Using Legislation to Build Profile  Turning demonstrations into legislation, action   House Passes Controversial Abortion Legislation  20150910 Markup Debt Limit Legislation  Yes Means Yes California Legislation  Pittenger: Pass Anti-Trafficking Legislation  Senate debates healthcare legislation – video  Hatch Introduces Medical Marijuana Legislation  Underground chicken owners push for legislation  Kivela introduces legislation to combat meth epidemic  Pat Toomey on Cap and Trade Legislation  Controversial faith healing legislation narrowly advances  Protestors Concerned About Open Carry Legislation  Democrats Continue Fight for Food Safety Legislation  Democrats Discuss Plans for Clean Energy Legislation  Legislation changes wording of rape statute  Wisconsin lawmakers pass opioid prevention legislation  Sen. Steube's Pro-Gun Legislation Shot Down  UK parliament passes legislation on leaving EU  Legislation aims to stop phony service dogs  California leads the nation in environmental legislation  Potential legislation would expand MI FOIA law  Colorado lawmakers debating 'Right To Die' legislation  New legislation cracking down on payday lenders  Can’t Preclude Parliament From Enacting Legislation: SC  Lawmakers pushing legislation to curb distracted driving  Democrats Discuss Plans For Energy Legislation  Bill Signing Ceremony - Bipartisan Opioid Legislation  U.S. infrastructure legislation back on Congress' radar  Ways and Means Markup of Trade Legislation  20150917 Markup Tax and Health Legislation  Immigrant student’s arrest scuttles Connecticut legislation  Legislation Watch: Arming Community College Officers  Lawmakers Introduce Legislation To Overturn Soda Tax  Can Congress pass Trump’s tax reform legislation?  MN Workers' Rights Legislation News Conference  Legislation Considered For Stronger Gun Store Security  The politics of California's anti-Trump legislation  The politics of California's anti-Trump legislation  Big Name Businesses Call For 'Dreamer' Legislation  GOP Considers Legislation After Las Vegas Shooting  Sen. Feinstein calls for new gun legislation  Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation Gala Tonight  Republicans release legislation to repeal, replace ObamaCare  New legislation looks at little league safety  Trump Signs Legislation to Aid Law Enforcement  Rep. Gonzalez discusses legislation around opioids

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