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  MidPoint | Pamela Geller & Catherine Shakdam:  Crash creates heavy delays on Midpoint Bridge  Midpoint | Bobby Jindal: Louisiana Governor  MidPoint | Brandon Webb discusses his new book  Crash shuts down Midpoint Bridge between Fort Myers and Cape Coral  Capital Network's James Dolman on Midpoint Holdings Ltd  MidPoint | Robert Spencer and Nezar Hamze  MidPoint | Michael Minns discusses the IRS's dirty tricks  Midpoint | Dean Cheng: Senior Research Fellow at Asian Studies Center  MidPoint | Brad MacKay to discuss the Scottish Independence vote  MidPoint | Jeb Bush's 2016 Campaign Annoucement Speech  MidPoint | Cheryl Dorsey and Joe Giacalone  Power still out near crash that closed Midpoint Bridge  MidPoint | Hillary Clinton Addresses United Nations  MidPoint | J.D. Gordon and Steven J.J. Weisman  MidPoint | Dan Barker and Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt :  MidPoint | Eliana Johnson to discuss the midterms and Jeb Bush  MidPoint | Commissioner Lee Goodman to discuss the FEC | Part1  MidPoint | Collin O’Mara discusses the CA oil spill  View Platform Installation Midpoint in 360-degree View  MidPoint | Robert Pondiscio discusses parents having students boycott standardized tests  MidPoint | Peter Zeihan Author of “The Accidental Superpower”  MidPoint | Dr. Michael Pillsbury, Author of ‘The Hundred-Year Marathon:"  MidPoint | Peter W. Singer discuss his recent book, "Ghost Fleet"  MidPoint | Cheryl Dorsey and Ron Hosko  Special session midpoint update with Ross Ramsey  MidPoint | Alan Collinge discusses student loan debt in America  MidPoint | Peter Gallo discusses the U.N.’s cover-up culture  MidPoint | Panel with Todd Schoenberger and Carol Roth PT1  MidPoint | Panel with Cathy Young and Jennifer Baumgardner  MidPoint | Nick Tate discusses the rising cost of cancer medication  Cape Coral Midpoint Bridge Back Open After Early Morning Crash  MidPoint | Lisa Jander to discuss the “Yes Means Yes”  MidPoint | Nicole Bizet, Logistics coordinator at Limbitless Solutions  MidPoint | Peter Byck discusses his documentary, "Carbon Nation"  MidPoint | Professor Irwin Horwitz discusses failing his entire class  MidPoint | Ali Rezaie, MD discusses a revolutionary new blood test  Should veterans be exempt from Midpoint Bridge toll?  MidPoint | Dr. Gavin Schmidt: The head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies  MidPoint | President Obama Speaks at the Pentagon about ISIS  MidPoint | Ambassador András Simonyi discuss Jordan bombing ISIS and Ukraine  Midpoint | Joe Uscinski to discuss his new book, “American Conspiracy Theories.”  MidPoint | Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R--OK): The Congressman from Oklahoma's 1st district  MidPoint | Alan Dershowitz Harvard Law professor and author of, “Terror Tunnels”  MidPoint | Jeremy N. Smith discusses his book, “Epic Measures: One Doctor. Seven Million Patients"  Midpoint | John Caulker gives us an update on Ebola in Sierra Leone  MidPoint | Sgt. Nicholas Irving discusses his life as a U.S. Army Ranger.  MidPoint | Dr. David Wurmser to talk about the Israel-Palestine conflict  MidPoint | Fran Tarkenton to discuss the DEA making surprise visits into NFL locker rooms | Part 1  MidPoint | Bill Levin discusses marijuana laws in Indiana and religious freedom  MidPoint | Dr. Jeffrey Shaman discusses a flu predictor model his team built  MidPoint | Linda Tirado Author of, "Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America"  MidPoint | Kermit Roosevelt to discuss the legality of President Obama’s executive action  MidPoint | Dr. Kobilinsky Professor of forensic science at John Jay College  MidPoint | Ian Lustick, Professor of Political Science at UPenn, reacts to the Israeli election  MidPoint | Joe Concha discusses press freedom in America on the decline in the world,  MidPoint | Dr. Veronica Kitchen to discuss how after following the recent attacks in Canada | Part 1  MidPoint | Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez MD, DDS discusses the face transplant surgery he led  MidPoint | Larry Elder speaks about the Selma anniversary  MidPoint | Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat discusses the Global Connectedness Index  Midpoint | Dr. Ben Carson discusses his history with Mannatech, Inc.  MidPoint | Frida Polli, PhD, The pymetrics CEO and co-founder  MidPoint | Elena Servettaz speaks about the Russian opposition movement  MidPoint | Bill Browder discusses the murder of Boris Nemstov  MidPoint | David J. Morris explains the challenges that our veterans face  MidPoint | Ambassador Adam Ereli discusses Egypt, Iran and ISIS kidnapping Christians in Syria  MidPoint | John Guandolo, Former FBI agent and founder of Understanding the Threat  MidPoint | Frank Serpico to discuss cop behavior now vs. how it was in the 1970  MidPoint | Christopher Ingraham discusses how civil asset forfeiture is being abused  MidPoint | Ryan Zinke to discuss the Australian hostage situation and the CIA torture report  MidPoint | Robert Rabil, Ph. D to discuss Saudi Arabia pressuring Qatar to stop funding Hamas  Midpoint | Arthur Caplan, Ph.D and Betsy McCaughey, PhD  MidPoint | Mark Foley, Carol Roth, and Noelle Nikpour  MidPoint | John L. Casey discusse his new documentary, “Dark Winter.”  MidPoint | Professor Brian Brenberg, Chair of the Program in business and finance  MidPoint | Dr. Judy Kuriansky discusses how low sex desire is so painful for millions of women  MidPoint | Robert Spencer to discuss the latest in the Israel-Palestine conflict  MidPoint | Chris Plante to discuss who is truly to blame for the crisis at the border  MidPoint | Arthur Caplan Ph.D to discuss the issue of the mandatory quarantine of health workers  MidPoint | Peter Gallo discusses sexually abused boys in the Central African Republic

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