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  World's oldest Indonesian man dies  Oldest Fossilized Bugs Discovered  UNC's oldest living athlete  World's 'Oldest Human' Dies Aged 146  Oldest computer made from Lego  Austria's oldest football club plays in europe's oldest natural stadium!  Oldest Feathered Dinosaur Fossil Found  very oldest camerea in jaipur  World's Oldest Person Dies  Oldest Tree in Peshawar  World's oldest library  Oldest man passes away  Utah's Oldest Resident  World's Oldest Surgeon  Oldest bridge in Kalyan  Meet HK's oldest trader  Archaeologists Discover Europe's Oldest Town  Oldest American Teacher Celebrates 100th Birthday  Say Hello To Humans' 'Oldest Ancestor'  World's Oldest Mummies Are Melting  These Are The World's Oldest Countries  Meet the oldest ancestor of humans  World's Oldest Person Turns 117  The oldest tattoos in the world  Oldest Homo sapiens fossils discovered in Morocco  The oldest living person turns 117  Astronomers Discover Oldest, Most Distant Galaxy  World’s oldest woman passes at 117  Man Trapped In Cave Provides Oldest Neanderthal DNA Sample  Oldest retired CPD officer honored  The World's Oldest Tarpon Tournament  State's oldest employee turns 100  British library digitises oldest Bible  Archaeologists Uncover Britains Oldest House  Oldest Spacewoman Sets Spacewalking Record  Inside New York's oldest bookstore  New Haven's oldest scrap yard  Archaeologists Unearth Oldest Hebrew Text  Hundreds Celebrate Oldest Gorilla's Birthday  The oldest Homo sapiens fossils at Jebel Irhoud, Morocco  Preserving Manatee County's oldest cemetery  Conserving Delhi's oldest public library  The Oldest Fossils Ever Found!  Worlds oldest Woman Passed Away  The world’s oldest yoga teacher  America's Oldest Person Passes Away  Oldest Mt. Ashland Ski Instructor  Temples Of Justice: Oldest Counties  Oldest Racist Website Shut Down  World's Oldest Panda, Basi, Dies  Country's oldest prisoner released from Gorakhpur jail  146-year-old Indonesian is world’s oldest?  Researchers Identify Earth's Oldest Crust  Oldest Spacewoman Sets Spacewalking Record  Judaism, India's oldest foreign religion  Britain's oldest supermarket worker retires  Oldest Known Breeding Seabird Lays Another Egg  This Is The World's Oldest Known Woven Dress  Revival Touches Uganda's Oldest Living Tribe  Ernestine Shepherd;World's Oldest Female Bodybuilder #AnweshanamPeople  Is the oldest hotel in Texas haunted?  Revival Touches Uganda's Oldest Living Tribe  Remembering Snooty, the world's oldest known manatee  A visit to Mumbai's oldest museum  Oldest WWE Wrestlers On The Current Roster  Russia: Oldest person in Russia claims she's 127 years old  World's oldest cat still living the life  World's oldest male panda dies at 31  World's oldest man who survived Auschwitz dies aged 113  THE OLDEST SURGEON OF RUSSIA IS ALLA ILYINICHNA LEVUSHKINA #AnweshanamLife  World’s oldest man dies in Indonesia ‘aged 146’  Ancient Canine Cancer is Oldest in the World  Oldest Living Twins In US To Celebrate 101st Birthday  Egg Laid By World’s Oldest Banded Wild Albatross  World’s oldest known gorilla, dies at 60  Oldest Remains of Our Species Discovered  Oldest flying plane showcased at Purdue  World's oldest WWII veteran turns 111  Emma Morano, world's oldest person, has died  Oldest commercial plane in the world takes flight in SWFL

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