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  Two third gender rule opposed  Christie opposed to D.C. statehood  Scuttling of Dissent Must Be Opposed  Christian churches remain opposed to assisted dying  Moscow opposed to Bloc's troop deployments  Business Owners Opposed Lansing's Sanctuary City Status  #SayNoStopVAW: EU launches campaign opposed to #ViolenceAgainstWomen  Harwood: Republicans 'Radically Opposed to Government Itself'  Teachers union opposed to alternative education possibility  Opposed to the Indian Street Bridge  Sources: DeVos opposed undoing transgender protections  Business owners opposed Lansing's sanctuary city status  Iran opposed to Kurdistan’s secession from Iraq  Ted Cruz Opposed To New Healthcare Bill  Hadi: PAS only opposed to chauvinistic parties  South Sudan opposed to military intervention  Top Democrats Opposed Accepting Refugees from Vietnam  Kenyatta: I Am Not Opposed To Dialogue  Police arrests youths opposed to Mbabazi's arrest  Trump's Visa Plans Opposed By Academia  Indian Journalist Opposed to Hindu Nationalism Killed  "Iran opposed to violation of Iraq's integrity"  Lévy: \"Sad\" that most opposed Kurdish vote  Syrian govt. strongly opposed to Assad removal  Russia opposed to US stance against Iran  Medford immigration attorney opposed to executive order  Why Nandyal Muslims opposed NMD Farooq?  Why Democrats opposed Trump’s health care bill  Newton Co. GA Residents Opposed To Mosque  Patriotic Proud Boys opposed "anti-Canada hatefest"  Why JFK Opposed the March on Washington  Gopal Krishna Gandhi opposed Yakub Memon's hanging, says Shiv Sena  Holcomb joins list of GOP officials opposed to Medicaid cuts  Kiambu residents opposed to Gathoni Wamuchomba's quest for pay rise  John Bercow strongly opposed to Donald Trump address to Parliament  எம்.ஜி.ஆர்யை எதிர்த்தவன் நான்: T.Rajendar | I opposed M.G.R : T.Rajendar  Sean Spicer Strongly Opposed Exactly What He Did Today  Obama's Wall Street Treasury Nominee Opposed by Elizabeth Warren  BJP & TDP Opposed Minority Reservations || TS Assembly | Hyderabad | 10TV  City Square at Swaraj Maidan opposed || Sakshi Special - Watch Exclusive  Public protector opposed to state capture report and being captured  UK Parliament Speaker 'Strongly Opposed' to Trump Address  Majority of Poles opposed to refugee influx | DW News  MK veterans opposed to members occupying Luthuli House  Change of Collectorate | Opposed by Officials & Politicians | at Mahabubnagar  Trump and Macron deliver "diametrically opposed" speeches at UNGA  Public Opposed New Secretariat | at Secunderabad |Polls Tells | Congress's VH  PAS Ulama info chief: Only PAS opposed GST  Colorado’s governor Ralph Carr opposed Japanese Americans' internment  Trump protesters opposed to issues or the issuer-in-chief?  Santa Fe mayor addresses businesses opposed to soda tax  Bercow 'strongly opposed' to Trump addressing Parliament! (06Feb17)  Govt. can't implement schemes opposed by people: Arputhambal  Anti-Trans Bathroom Laws Opposed By Majority Of Americans  Mainers opposed to ACA repeal put pressure on Poliquin, Collins  Republican Governor Baker opposed to GOP health care bill  Mayor wants to decriminalize marijuana; Some residents opposed  Conservatives will ALWAYS be opposed to the Carbon Tax!  The real reason why Trump opposed Paris climate deal  Governor puts momentum behind tree removal law, Austin leaders opposed  Trump opposed President Obama's executive order on gun control  Museveni criticises leaders opposed to promoting local languages  NRM MPs opposed to scrapping of presidential age limit  Chesapeake residents opposed to proposed juvenile detention center  Sean Spicer Says Judge Who Opposed Order Went 'Rogue'  Lawyers opposed budget 2017 - 26-05-2017 - 92NewsHDPlus  More people opposed to public spending cuts than ever before  Some European allies opposed to Russia sanctions bill  Proposal to relocate the Mombasa tea auction opposed  WH Tries to Woo Governors Opposed to Revamped Bill. #Health  French left divided, but opposed to Macron's reforms  Trump:Opponents Of DAPL Didn't Know Why They Opposed It  புஷ்கர விழாவிற்கு மேட்டூரிலிருந்து நீர் திறந்ததற்கு எதிர்ப்பு | Dam water release opposed  Trump Proposes Massive Budget Cuts, Gets Opposed by Moron Neoconservatives  Trump travel ban: Starbucks, Google and Apple opposed  Donald Trump UK visit opposed by Commons speaker  Car Tech 101: Opposed piston engines (On Cars)  Thousands attend Kiev gay pride march opposed by nationalists  Mainers opposed to Republican health care plan rally in Lewiston  Why is the decision of closing slaughterhouses being opposed?

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