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  Video: Opt-out movement enters Year 4  Motorists opt for cheaper fuel  Questions surrounding MLB opt-outs  Kalobeyi refugees opt for farming  Stars opt for easy-breezy summer styles  Stars opt for easy-breezy summer styles  Should Men Be Able To Opt Out Of Fatherhood Like Women Can Opt Out Of Motherhood?  Small vendors opt for digital payment  Stars opt for easy-breezy summer styles  Voting Rights: An "Opt-in" Solution  Appeals court rules against 'opt out movement'  Parents in Albuquerque consider PARCC opt-out  Political Establishment Seeks To Co-Opt Trump  NJEA members, it's time to opt out!  How To Opt-out Of Forced Vaccinations  How To Opt-Out of Prism  Opt Out Testing | 2015 WHYY Young Journalists  Parents having kids opt out of tests  Germany migrants: Record number opt to leave  Patients Opt For Wide Awake Surgeries  Schools can now opt-out of nutrition standards  Montini: Congress can opt themselves out of Trumpcare  How to opt-out of website that share public information  Dwyane Wade expected to opt into final year with Bulls  Dwayne Wade expected to opt into final year with Bulls  No knock, no soliciting signs allow homeowners to 'opt out'  Will Dwyane Wade opt-in or out in Chicago?  'UK opt-out of EU asylum plans rock-solid' – Cameron  Parents can opt their child out of ISTEP  Buy or sell: Colin Kaepernick to opt out of contract  Upton, Tanaka among players with opt-out decisions  Senator Reid Announces Public Option Opt-Out Clause  Leading Athletes Opt Out Of Moscow World Athletics Championships  Facebook bypasses web adblockers, but offers ad targeting opt-outs  Lowry will opt out, but hasn’t thought past that decision  Gottlieb: Colin Kaepernick will opt out of his contract  Is 'opt out' of PARCC school testing legal?  Bill would halt smart meter opt out fees  France introduces opt-out policy on organ donation #AnweshanamHealthNews  For better viewing experience, people should opt for projectors  Lebanese resistance movement taking part in anti-Daesh opt  More Susquehanna Valley families choosing to opt out of PSSA testing  Proposed Bill Would Opt Texans Into Organ Donation  KCC workers opt to leave civil service for pay raises  Let States Opt Out Of Health Care! Dick Morris  Thika residents opt to buy maize meal direct from Millers  Gujarati youth opt for army recruitment in record breaking numbers  People opt for earlier vaccination during flu season  Chinese shoppers opt for mobile payment I FT World Notebook  Christie to parents: don't opt kids out of PARCC exams  Taking Action: How to opt out of junk mail  Carrots facing dark future as buyers opt for purple veg  Over 122 engineering colleges opt for progressive closure | AICTE  SINGAPORE: Some families opt for yacht living in new lifestyle  Phone Books in 2017? Just Opt-Out Of Them!  Embryo technology: Farmers opt for new technology to improve breed  Anna University counselling: 11,739 students opt for E.C.E  Colin Kaepernick will opt out of his 49ers contract  Arizona, Hawaii opt out of daylight saving time  The Health Care Gamble - is it best to opt out?  More Families Opt For 'Next-Gen' Housing To Save Money  Opt-out of FERPA to protect yourself and your kids  Labour MP: 'BME voters should opt to leave EU'  Anwar: S'gor to opt out if polls in Nov  Report: Pau Gasol to opt-out in San Antonio  Uhuru and Raila opt out of upcoming presidential debate  FOX NEWS: Should Millennials Opt Out Of ObamaCare?  Patients opt for traditional healers as strike continues  Refugees from conflict zones opt for war-torn Syria  Trump Expands Birth Control Opt-Out for Workplace Insurance  Growing number of Chinese tourists opt for Israel vacation  More Chinese tourists opt for Israel as vacation destination  Reaction: Will Obama opt out of a public option?  Investors opt for safety as political risk grows  Should Trump opt out of the Paris Climate Agreement?  President Kenyatta, Raila Odinga opt out of Presidential Debates  Islamists co-opt BLM to shut down Hirsi Ali  Tip TV: Will Saudi’s Aramco opt for London Listing?  Chinese shoppers opt for mobile payment I FT World Notebook  Bank customers can opt not to have paper-based bankbooks

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