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  Video: Opt-out movement enters Year 4  Should Men Be Able To Opt Out Of Fatherhood Like Women Can Opt Out Of Motherhood?  Appeals court rules against 'opt out movement'  Parents in Albuquerque consider PARCC opt-out  NJEA members, it's time to opt out!  How To Opt-out Of Forced Vaccinations  How To Opt-Out of Prism  Opt Out Testing | 2015 WHYY Young Journalists  Parents having kids opt out of tests  Schools can now opt-out of nutrition standards  Montini: Congress can opt themselves out of Trumpcare  How to opt-out of website that share public information  Leading Athletes Opt Out Of Moscow World Athletics Championships  More Susquehanna Valley families choosing to opt out of PSSA testing  Parents can opt their child out of ISTEP  No knock, no soliciting signs allow homeowners to 'opt out'  Gottlieb: Colin Kaepernick will opt out of his contract  Is 'opt out' of PARCC school testing legal?  Bill would halt smart meter opt out fees  France introduces opt-out policy on organ donation #AnweshanamHealthNews  Will Dwyane Wade opt-in or out in Chicago?  FOX NEWS: Should Millennials Opt Out Of ObamaCare?  'UK opt-out of EU asylum plans rock-solid' – Cameron  Buy or sell: Colin Kaepernick to opt out of contract  Upton, Tanaka among players with opt-out decisions  Lowry will opt out, but hasn’t thought past that decision  Let States Opt Out Of Health Care! Dick Morris  Christie to parents: don't opt kids out of PARCC exams  Taking Action: How to opt out of junk mail  Senator Reid Announces Public Option Opt-Out Clause  Phone Books in 2017? Just Opt-Out Of Them!  Colin Kaepernick will opt out of his 49ers contract  Arizona, Hawaii opt out of daylight saving time  The Health Care Gamble - is it best to opt out?  Opt-out of FERPA to protect yourself and your kids  Anwar: S'gor to opt out if polls in Nov  Report: Pau Gasol to opt-out in San Antonio  Uhuru and Raila opt out of upcoming presidential debate  Trump Expands Birth Control Opt-Out for Workplace Insurance  Reaction: Will Obama opt out of a public option?  Should Trump opt out of the Paris Climate Agreement?  President Kenyatta, Raila Odinga opt out of Presidential Debates  UKIP Nigel Farage Hosts LBC - Should you have to opt out of the donor register?  Wisconsin Students May Be Able To Opt Out of Funding Leftist Programs  Kevin Durant to opt out of second year of contract with Golden State Warriors  Kevin Durant to opt out of second year deal with Golden State Warriors  Trump Allows Employers To Opt Out Of No-Cost Birth Control | Los Angeles Times  Texas bill aims to make organ donation opt-out, sparking debate  New bill would let you opt out of smart meters at no extra charge  Motorists opt for cheaper fuel  Questions surrounding MLB opt-outs  Kalobeyi refugees opt for farming  Stars opt for easy-breezy summer styles  DWYM: You can now opt out of a Duke Energy smart meter  Stars opt for easy-breezy summer styles  France Makes All Citizens Automatic Organ Donors Unless They Opt Out  Small vendors opt for digital payment  Stars opt for easy-breezy summer styles  2017 Free Agency: Colin Kaepernick reportedly to opt out of deal with 49ers  What's Next: Blake Griffin and Chris Paul reportedly opt out of contracts with Clippers  Mass. Lawmakers Criticize Trump's Decision To Opt Out Of Paris Accord  Opt-out over? Stay-at-home moms look to rejoin workforce  Voting Rights: An "Opt-in" Solution  The Nigel Farage Show: Should you have to opt out of the donor register? Live LBC - 5th October 2017  Political Establishment Seeks To Co-Opt Trump  Time to Schein: Chris Paul and Blake Griffin opt out of contracts  UN adopts historic nuclear weapons ban, but U.S. and others opt-out  RACHEL MADDOW 2/22/17 I HAVE DECIDED TO OPT OUT  Denmark: Leader of Danish People's Party votes 'no' in EU opt-out referendum  Limping Kenya 7s: Ambaka and Sikuta opt out of travelling for Asia tour  Chris Paul and Blake Griffin Opt Out | Paul George Was ALMOST Traded  Sports Minute: Okung becomes free agent after Broncos opt out of option  The Nigel Farage Show: Should you have to opt out of the donor register? Live LBC - 5th October 2017  Keller ISD Taking Heat For 'Opt Out' Option On Watching Inauguration  Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village  Option to opt out of fees could hurt UW non-profits  AMC wants to opt-out of $10 a month MoviePass subscription | Engadget Today  Rocklin school decides to not allow parents to opt out of teachings  Germany migrants: Record number opt to leave  Patients Opt For Wide Awake Surgeries

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