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  Partisan divisions  The Partisan  Maxine Waters' Partisan Hypocrisy  Why is partisan division growing?  Trey Gowdy warns partisan politicians  Partisan Rhetoric Is for Losers  DEBATE: Sick of partisan bickering  Supreme Court hears partisan gerrymandering case  41NBC/WMGT- Non-Partisan Elections- 3.5.13  Hannity: When Will Partisan Press Investigate Surveillance?  'Buy Partisan' App for Political Affiliations  Sen. McCaskill discusses partisan divide in D.C.  Audit The Fed: A Bi-Partisan Look  Bridging the partisan gap | Tonya Bonitabus | TEDxSavannah  Spicer: Trump lawsuit is partisan politics  Partisan fighting over Cabinet nominees heats up  The difference between racial and partisan gerrymandering  Tucker: Country's final non-partisan refuge invaded  Partisan politics, are they invading Colorado?  The Partisan Pendulum Of Convenient Free Speech  Supreme Court divided over partisan districting  Trump's Approval Rating Shows Strong Partisan Divide  Simpson: When did Supreme Court turn partisan?  Partisan Influence on City Commission Race  Partisan influence on Sarasota City commission race  Geraldo: Shooting is attempted partisan mass murder  "Partisan Brinksmanship" Holding US Back Says Obama  Fareed: Partisan divide is ripping us apart  Testing The Limits Of Partisan Gerrymandering  Testing the limits of partisan gerrymandering  Left's Partisan Insanity Pushing Impeachment Narrative  How Washington Became So Partisan | Dick Morris  Officers Partisan Attitude in Anantapur MLC Elections  Jim Flaherty laughs off "partisan" criticism  Tucker: Country's final non-partisan refuge invaded  Sean Spicer: Trump lawsuit is partisan politics   Partisan media picks sides after Comey hearing  Spicer: Trump lawsuit is partisan politics  Introducing Bi-Partisan Comprehensive Veterans Employment Bill  Fear drives partisan political division | Cronkite News  The Perils of a Partisan Military  O'Reilly and Rove Shocked By Partisan Bickering  SCOTUS To Give Partisan Gerrymandering Consideration  Nothing “non-partisan” about GreenPAC event in BC  Trump's Approval Rating Shows Strong Partisan Divide  Hannity: When will partisan press investigate surveillance?  Trump's Syria Bombing Draws Multi-Partisan Ire  SCOTUS to hear big partisan gerrymandering case  Experts: US Congress Paralyzed by Partisan Posturing  Supreme Court to review partisan redistricting  Geraldo: Shooting is attempted partisan mass murder  Bi-partisan legislation proposed against any national religion registry  Partisan Housing Divide! Roommate Ads Include "No-Trump" Clause  Bi-Partisan Push to Stop Texting and Driving  Ohio voters wait for change in partisan gerrymandering  MN GOP House Speaker: "We're Not Partisan People"  Simpson: when did SCOTUS battles turn so partisan?  Senator Ulibarri on partisan squabble over nonpartisan election reform bill  Comment: The body slam and the partisan divide  Courtney opposes "rushed, hyper-partisan" Libya War Resolution  Suzanna Shkreli: Another partisan hack (MI-08 Web)  Suzanna Shkreli: another partisan hack (MI-08 TV)  Non-partisan Committee issues report on GOP's Obamacare replacement plan  Liberals used bureaucrats for partisan work in by-election  House Speaker announces bi-partisan effort to fight Opioid abuse  The dangers of the partisan brain | Jay Van Bavel | TEDxSkoll  Kurtz: 'Sick and tired' of folks playing partisan blame game  Supreme Court to hear case on partisan gerrymandering  FLASHBACK Baldwin: The American People Cannot Afford Partisan Obstruction  Partisan Divisions Affecting Everything from Couples to Wrestling  Asselineau, partisan du "Frexit", a franchi les 500 parrainages  Rush to partisan politics in Las Vegas shooting aftermath?  Supreme Court takes up key case about partisan redistricting  Condemning sexual harassment should not be difficult - nor partisan  Trump complains of 'partisan obstruction' at first Cabinet meeting   Partisan Divide on Gorsuch Deepens After Confirmation Hearing  Senate Democrats Are Playing Partisan Politics With Our National Security  Tavis Smiley picks apart Sean Hannity's partisan game  Lisa Boothe: Trump has exposed the media as largely partisan  Men of Crimea are ready for partisan war. (English subtitles)

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