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  835 pause squat, 485 pause bench  Reid Expects Deportation Pause  Sterling's political pause | Markets  Travel Ban Pause  Sterling's political pause | Markets  PAUSE | The AppSpy Challenge  Short Play: Holobunnies: Pause Cafe  Pause in climate change disproven — again  TAKING A PAUSE DOESN'T MAKE YOU ISLAMOPHOBIC  Let's Play Holobunnies: Pause Cafe - Short Play  US Navy orders 'operational pause'  Pressing pause on village ordinance  Pause... Rethink | Mohamed Ateia | TEDxTitech  Galaxy S5 Tips & Tricks: Smart pause  Estero could press pause on medical marijuana  WikiLeaks Gives Consumers Pause About Security  Carol Shea-Porter announces pause from public office  US Navy to order operational pause   What Happens When You PAUSE or SAVE A Game?  Sessions: Order Provides 'Needed Pause' on Entry  Sessions: Order Provides 'Needed Pause' on Entry  UMass presidents explains pause on tuition decision  Google Executive: Take a Pause to Achieve Success  Trans Canada requests to pause Keystone pipeline  188kg FS PR with 3 second pause  Paul Ryan: "Pause" all Syrian refugees  Pause and Refresh | Sushruthi Krishna | TEDxIITRoorkee  Climate change ‘pause’ does not exist  WikiLeaks Gives Consumers Pause About Security  Belgians Pause to Remember Attack Victims  Cool Bits - Wario World's Obnoxious Pause Screen Secret  WikiLeaks Gives Consumers Pause About Security  Sessions: Order Provides 'Needed Pause' on Entry  Workers to pause midtown hole, line repair  People pause for total solar eclipse  "Press the Pause button." | Hina Gujral | TEDxNSIT  Lebanon presses pause in offensive against ISIL  WEATHER EXPERIMENT: Pause Video At Your Town  BTN11: Pause 4 Paws 'A Tail Wagging Affair'  Why Did Catalonia Hit Pause On Its Independence?  PM Modi takes a pause during ‘Azaan’ in Kharagpur  NASA | Ask a Climate Scientist: Global Warming Pause?  WEATHER EXPERIMENT: Pause Video At Your Town For Details  Prices flatten out as Eurozone deflation takes a pause  Yemen Peace Talks Resume After 3-Day Pause  Expect A Pause In Markets In Near Term: SV Prasad  Rand Paul Hits Rubio, Advocates Pause to Syrian Refugees  "TAKING A PAUSE DOESN'T MAKE YOU RACIST or ISLAMOPHOBIC  Paul Ryan: House will vote to "pause" Syrian refugee program  New Netflix Socks Can Pause a Show When You Sleep  Pipeline on pause as water pollution concerns addressed  Markets on pause waiting to see what unfolds in D.C.?  Iraqi Forces Pause Their Efforts To Recapture Mosul From IS  Department of Corrections Begins Training After 3 Year Pause  Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah announce pause in border offensives against Daesh  Jonathan Pollack: China's Military Capabilities Give U.S. Officials Pause  Algebris CEO Says U.S. Equities Are Ready for a Pause  Dernier Conseil des minsitres avant la pause estivale  Washington State Asks to Keep Travel Ban Pause  Market Minute | Wall St at record levels, bourses pause  Journalist Says He Was Wrongly Detained Under Temp Travel Pause  Democrats Pause To Pray For GOP Colleagues After Shooting  Shooting prompts pause in partisanship, but threats still come in  Question about democracy at State Dept. briefing elicits long pause  State Department Spokesperson Unbelievably Long Pause To Saudi Arabia Question  A Rare Pause in Violence as Baltimore Ceasefire Efforts Continue  Tian Tao 300 Pause Squat, 200 Power Clean & Power Jerk  US Navy orders 'operational pause' after warship collision  US Navy orders 'operational pause' after warship collision  Navy plans one-day 'operational pause' after crash  Quick Tip: Swipe Down to Pause a Message in Mail  220kg/485lbs Pause Squat for 12 reps - Clarence.  Brief pause in justice for assistant chief deputy's memorial service  Yoga practitioners pause to stretch and pose for int'l event  The Note: Republicans press pause on health care bill  Ukraine Ceasefire: a Real Ceasefire or a Temporary Pause?  DOJ Wants Pause On Agreement With Baltimore Police  Editorial: Events in Charlottesville give us all pause  U.S. Navy Expected To Order 1-Day Operational Pause. #USNavy  Lavrov reacts to US pause on non-immigrant visas

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