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  2015 Fuelwood Permits Available  Residential parking permits  Finance committee OKs eliminating child work permits  Sarasota Building Permits  Guns and permits  China Suspends Everest Permits  Fake permits fill parking spots  Iowa Allows Gun Permits for the Blind  A.C. Roper on gun permits  Electrical permits on boating docks  Pinoy Panawagan - Re-entry permits  Firearm permits rising in Indiana  Plan Calls For Permits To Curb Overcrowding  Accessory dwelling permits increase in Denver  Concealed-Carry Weapon Permits in California  Housing Boom Creates Demand For Building Permits  Why Concealed Carry Permits Are Soaring  Deer permits go on sale Tuesday night  Concealed carry permits soaring among women: Study  Why concealed carry permits are soaring  Sanitation Permits Waived at Dump Sites  All about permits for Sacramento’s budding marijuana industry  Video: Family members misusing accessible parking permits  Recreational pot-growing permits available in Sacramento  Charlottesville: Permits, Precedent, And Free Speech  FSM Permits Air Niugini’s Flight Services  Permits reinstated for Virginia Beach SPCA  PA to announce first medical marijuana permits  Boston issues permits for 'Free Speech' rally  Several Kenyans evicted from Tanzania over permits  Teachers with concealed permits in training  Ban on new commercial aquarium fishing permits?  Supreme Court Permits Trump Refugee Ban  Bonita Springs requiring permits for home repairs  Connecticut Governor Comes Under Fire on Gun Permits  Sonoma Businesses Sign Up For Commercial Marijuana Permits  Ministry cracks down on fishing permits  Outdoor burning permits suspended in Amherst  Concealed Carry Permits Hits All Time High  Estonian politicians accused of selling residence permits  Rawalpindi Excise department issued Alcohol Permits to 2 Dead men  Disabled parking permits given to drivers who don't need it  Detroit pulls the permits of nearly two dozen towing companies  Public pot-smoking permits could lead to unusual business ventures  DHEC evaluating permits for pipeline proposed in Upstate  UNM expects parking permits to go fast this year  Public hearing set for proposal to reduce number of moose hunt permits  Botswana to review restrictive migrant laws for Kenyans’ work permits  Concealed handgun permits in US at new record  Lawsuit: Home Depot didn't get required licenses, permits for renovations  Concealed handgun permits in US at new record  Israel revoked permits of Palestinians after deadly Tel Aviv attack  De Blasio Under Fire For Increase In Free Parking Permits  Iowa conceal and carry gun permits up 400 percent  Zosia Mamet Shot Girls in Tokyo Without Permits  What permits Trump to strike a Syrian base?  Beautification of River Musi | Govt Permits Raising of Loans  Govt push for e-vehicles: No permits, fast-charging stations  Boise Glenbrook Apts remodel under way without permits - KTVB  Plan To Issue Fewer Parking Permits In SF  Syrians receive biggest share of Turkish work permits  DICT rolls out online business permits, licensing system  Gun Conceal & Carry Permits, Along with Gun Sales Spike in ND & MN  Mexico Cancels Export Permits to the U.S. for Sugar Mills  Conceal & Carry Gun Permits, Along with Gun Sales Spike in ND & MN  White House to grant work permits to spouses of H-1B visa holders  Missouri gun law would eliminate conceal-carry permits  Court Permits Ajumogobia, Obia To Travel For Medicals  Residents to ask DEP to withhold pipeline permits  Deadline Friday for firecracker permits for July 4  President gives go-ahead to build factories without permits  New law permits stores to deliver alcohol in MI  Obama's New Jobs Program: Work Permits for Illegal Aliens  Bill would allow driver education schools to issue permits  Permits, please: East Germany alive in Berlin 'Good Bye Lenin!'  Would you support parking permits in North Park?  University Requires Permits Just to Use Free Speech Zone  China "Green Card": Beijing eases rules for permanent residence permits  China Permits Foreign Doctors to Treat Dissident Liu Xiaobo  Video: Opposing bike lane parking for accessibility permits

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