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  Is Trump "Exhaustion" a Pretext for Resignation?  A workshop where art is a pretext to educate.  Paraguay's Curuguaty Massacre A Pretext For A Coup  Is Blasphemy a pretext for murder? (WION Gravitas)  Gujarat: Youth stops Mayor from garlanding Ambedkar's statue on pretext of not performing  Japan uses Korean peninsula tensions as pretext for strengthening arms  Mark Levin: The Mueller Investigation is Pretext to Impeachment  Japan uses Korean peninsula tensions as pretext for strengthening arms  Grimes: "Sham commission" pretext for popular vote lie  Ghanti Bajao: Bilaspur people bound to live under open sky on pretext of Pradhanmantri Awa  Sachi Ghatna: Girl's family members call her boyfriend on pretext of conversation, beat hi  Nawaz should not be away on pretext of wife’s illness: Khursheed Shah - 92NewsHDPlus  President Moon warns North Korea not to use joint drills as pretext for provocation  How Street Art is used as a Pretext to Create Human Connections | eL Seed | TEDxGateway  Minister from E Palaniswami's Cabinet Demands Bribe from A woman Under The Pretext Of Transfer Tax  ‘US using North Korea pretext to launch nuclear attack on China’  CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin on Trump Firing Comey: 'This Is the Most Preposterous Pretext'  Rights Advocates: Trump's Commission on Election Integrity Set Up as a Pretext for Voter Suppression  Assad: U.S. And Its Terrorist Proxies 'Fabricated' Chemical Claims As Pretext For Airstrike  US flirts with WW3 on pretext of most transparent false flag in human history. Spokesperson for Russian Defense Ministry uses aerial footage to point out the US military's poor aim  Once upon a time Trump campaigned on opposing endless Mideast wars, and said the U.S. was stupid to get in the way of Russia and Syria's battles against ISIS. But then the MSM's phony "chemical attack" narrative gave him a pretext to join the neocons...

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