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  Privately run prisons  UNC Chapel Hill bookstores now privately owned  Plan calls for privately-built prison  Tough challenges that privately-run microgrids face  Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Handle Divorce Privately  Trump Jr., Manafort Will Be Interviewed Privately  MH370 Loves Ones Will Search Privately  MH370 loved ones will search privately  Privately-Owned Drones Banned in Tehran  David Miscavige meets privately with Clearwater officials  Launch of privately developed Japanese rocket fails  Mayor Meets Privately With Viral Video Arrest Mom  Montini: This bill lets anyone privately buy a gun  Hillary Clinton meets privately with local Democratic Party leaders  Paul Manafort Offered To Privately Brief Putin Ally  Malzberg | Ruben Navarrette Jr.: Wealthy Mexicans Privately Agree With Trump  Majoity of privately owned liquor stores closing their doors  Justice Asif Khosa never met Imran Khan privately; SC  China's 1st privately owned polar research vessel to be built  Pentagon Will Lease Privately Owned Trump Tower Apartment  World’s Largest Privately-Owned 'Star Wars' Collection Victim of Theft  Rice met privately with Senate Intel on Russia  DJI To Let Drone Pilots Fly More Privately  Anti-Planned Parenthood Laws Privately Signed By Trump  Supreme Judicial Court ruling allows privately run needle exchange programs  Breitbart: The Triumph Of Right-Wing, Privately Subsidized Propaganda  The Senate Plans To Privately Interview Trump Jr. & Manafort  British TV To Air Princess Diana's Privately Recorded Meetings  Trump Jr. to Testify Privately to Senate Committee  Wendy Williams has been privately meeting with attorneys  The Biltmore: The Largest Privately Owned House in America  AL FRANKEN "GOP Senators Privately Express Concerns About TRUMP Mental Health.  Steve King Claims GOP ‘Privately’ Agrees With ‘Cantaloupes’ Comment, But Afraid Of ‘Repercussions’  Republican senators are privately crafting a health care bill, raising alarm from Democrats  The country’s first privately-owned special economic zone to launch in Eldoret  Senator Al Franken: Some GOP Colleagues Privately Express Concerns About Donald Trump Mental Health  Burns & McDonnell proposes privately financing and building a single terminal at KCI  African Space Exploration: South Africa launches first privately owned nano satellite  De Blasio Claims He Privately Urged Parade Organizers To Renounce Controversial Honoree  Privately owned land could be seized by government to build border wall  2000 Hillary Clinton privately comments on why she doesn't like email  Peter Thiel May Not Be As Supportive Of Trump Privately As He Is Publically  If only this was privately operated and in a libertarian covenant community or libertarian social order.  Trump: Dem Senator Praised Sessions Privately, But Won't Support Him Because of 'Politics'  Today in Space – June 21: First Privately Funded Human Space Flight  Philippines' Duterte privately proposed deal to end city siege, then backed out  Secretary Tom Price Is Spending Tax Payer Money To Travel Privately  Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Reach Agreement To Handle Divorce Privately | People NOW | People  SpaceX To Send Privately Crewed Spacecraft Beyond The Moon Next Year  In major shift, White House privately backing earlier rollback of Medicaid expansion  Private Prisons: The Pros and Cons of Housing Cons Privately. Bob Donley Reports  Trump senior adviser Jared Kushner meets privately with Senate Intelligence Committee  Schock: Japanes Leaders Privately Told Us They're Worried About US Support  CM Yogi Adityanath strictly instructs government doctors to stop practicing privately  "Tinder for Friendships", privately matching 3 at a time, used by the POTUS  17-year-old's nude photos sent privately to NBA player are posted online: Part 2  Rep Filemon Vela Speaking on Group Of DEMS Met Privately To Talk Ousting Pelosi. #NancyPelosi  Norm Kelly says we've all seen behaviour like Ford's privately with friends  (From 2016) Steve Harvey talks with man who was pulled over by police only to have the officer buy his daughter a car seat after talking with him privately "man to man" about his financial problems

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