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  Put down your phone!  PUT THE CHOCOLATE DOWN!  Horse Put Down  Aggressive Bull Put Down  Mother Bear, 2 Cubs Put Down  Lost therapy dog put down after 6 hours at shelter  Badly abused dog put down  Put down that energy drink!  Mother Bear, 2 Cubs Put Down After Hiker Incident  Bear Put Down After It Attacks Goats  Pope Asks Christians To Put Down Cellphones  deGrasse Tyson: Put Down Phone During Eclipse  Portugal's unemployed put down new roots  Bear Put Down After Breaking Into Home  Mats put down in Mississippi River  deGrasse Tyson: Put Down Phone During Eclipse  Littleton Bull Found, Put Down By Owner  Dog Put Down After Suspected Animal Cruelty  Editorial: Put down the phone while driving  NATO to put Baltic states down  Youth leader: 'Put down the guns'  The Noose Tightens As FBI Tracks Down Fake News That Russia Put Out On Election Day!  Dogs seized in dog fighting ring will likely be put down  Every day foods you shouldn't put down your drain  5 things you should never put down the drain  Archdiocese urges Catholics to put down phones during Lent  Marcus Thompson: "Steph Curry Couldn't Put My Book Down"  CIA Director Says Islamic State Has 'Put Roots Down'  Doctor: Put down plastic water bottles, drink tap water  Faisalabad administration put down PPP black day banners  Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus - Put The Chocolate Down Trailer  Badly abused dog in Hendry County to get put down  Turks and Caicos Governor: 'Stay Put; Hunker Down'  Put the phone down, save yourself from “technology burnout”  Hollande Makes Cazeneuve French Prime Minister as Time Runs Down  Driver brings down power pole----watch crews put up replacement  Cops Shut down HWNDU and put the dividers back up  Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus - "Put the Cholocate down!" commercial  Photographers put down lenses to be present during solar eclipse  Bear Put Down After Roaming Home For 5 Hours  NPA leaders willing to talk but won't put down arms  Two Arrested In MLK Shooting, Police Say 'Put Guns Down'  New pipe being put down to restore water in Emporia  Food pantry donations down as fall approaches  Eula Clarke steps down as Stuart mayor  Former Military Dog Draped In American Flag After He Was Put Down  Nigel Farage Steps Down as UKIP Leader  Brat Mouths Off To Border Patrol, Put In Her Place As He Pulls ‘Surprise’ From Vest  Ballot papers printing storm heats up as IEBC put their foot down on the matter: Choice 2017  Jay Leno Put His Career At Great Risk As He Exposed President Trump  WHY SITTING DOWN MAY NOT BE AS BAD FOR YOU AS YOU THOUGHT  London attack: Eyewitness reports as area put in lockdown  New trends emerge as more Korean women put off marriage  Mom claims Glendale teacher put rowdy students outside as punishment  Victim speaks put after being held as sex slave  Henry Rollins Discusses Being Put On Ritalin As A Child  Ships put to sea as fishing season begins  Crowds gather as Lopez put under house arrest  Amber Alert: Affidavit Shows Girl Put Outside As Punishment  School put on lockdown after roof mistaken as KKK robe  Uttarakhand: BJP workers celebrate as trends put party in majority  'Baby boomers' staying put as housing shortage looms  Chong: Put politics aside and celebrate Merdeka as one  Recovery begins as rains help put out Tennessee wildfires  McElhinney, Brown put on show as Leafs blank 'Canes  Patrick Roy steps down as head coach of Colorado Avalanche.  Take down hurricane shutters as soon as possible  Gwen Stefani put on quite the fashion show as she headed to church with her three children  Shashank Manohar steps down as ICC chairman  Alan Rusbridger Steps Down As Guardian Editor  Jones stops 26 as Sharks down Canucks  Jones stops 26 as Sharks down Canucks  Arunabh Kumar steps down as TVF CEO  Pilot Burned as Blimp Goes Down  Walt Weiss steps down as Rockies manager  Europeans ride Uber as chief steps down  Bob Stoops steps down as head coach  Mahendra Singh Dhoni steps down as captain  Midgley steps down as Modesto Christian coach  David Cameron Standing Down As MP

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