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  Is America paying Ransom?  No more Ransom  Dog held for ransom  The ransom: Why $45 million?  #AskObama2014 - Diana Ransom | Inc. Magazine  LA Hospital Pays Ransom to Computer Hackers  Monkeys hold tourists to ransom  Hackers demand ransom from HBO  Social Ransom | Yogiraj Khanwelkar | TEDxBMCC  LA Hospital Pays Ransom to Computer Hackers  Held for ransom for food  HBO hackers demand millions in ransom   Obama: No 'ransom' for Congress  UP: This gang asks ransom through Paytm  Family gets "ransom" demand for lost Pug  Hackers Release More HBO Files, Demand Ransom  Player of the Game: East's Larry Ransom  River City Ransom: Underground: Quick Look  Should U.S. Be Paying Ransom for Hostages?  Stars Of 'Ransom' Talk About Show's Authenticity  Was it Ransom? - Syrian War Rages On  Hackers demand ransom from HBO - GN Headlines  Swede freed in Mali denounces ransom payments  Obama Admin. ‘Lied Shamelessly’ About Ransom Payment  White House tries to clarify new ransom policies  Cyber hackers attack 99 countries, demand ransom  Hackers ask for ransom after locking computers  No ransom paid for McGown's freedom  HBO hackers demanding ransom in Bitcoin  Beware Cryptolocker! The Ransom Malware from hell!  Hackers hold man's computer for ransom  Pittenger questions Lew on Iran ransom payments  Cyber Attacks Hit UK Hospitals Demanding Ransom  Cyber Attack Hits UK Hospitals Demanding Ransom  Somali pirates hijack commercial ship, demands ransom  APPLE ACCOUNTS HACKED! Hackers Want Ransom Money!  Cyber Attack Hit UK Hospitals Demanding Ransom  Five held over kidnap and ransom of businessman  LIVE: Senate hearing on 'tokhang for ransom'  Should you pay a ransom to hackers?  Meet new Frederick Douglass girls' basketball coach Shawn Ransom  Hackers Demand Ransom in Major Cyber Attack  Iran Cash Payment - Ransom or Coincidence?  JonBenet ransom note still puzzles investigators  Rappler Live Jam: The Ransom Collective  Police Believe Girl Was Taken For Ransom  Mother kidnap for ransom in Kolhapur; 5 arrested  Netflix Reportedly Refuses To Give Into Hackers Demands For Ransom  CBS's Ransom 1X01 The Return" Preview (Jan.1, 2017)  Fake kidnapping for ransom targets dozens in SoCal  Minnesotan To Meet: Lanona Shoe Company's Ben Ransom  JonBenet Ramsey's Brother Looks Closely At The Ransom Note  PNP firm on No-Ransom policy for Samal kidnap victims  Abu Sayyaf Reportedly Demand 'Impossible' Ransom for Kidnapped German Sailor  San Francisco Muni Says No To Hackers' Ransom Demands  A Peculiar Conversation with John Green & Ransom Riggs  Iran wants 4 million in ransom OCT 25 2016  North Korea Denuclearization Efforts / Iran Continues Hostage & Ransom Prey  Iraq: Qatari 'ransom' money with us, not armed groups  Hackers Who Stole HBO Data Demand Millions In Ransom  12 gangsters arrested after they fight over ransom - ANI #News  CCTV: Man arrested for demanding ransom from businessman in Delhi  President Obama Knew of this CASH PAYMENT to IRAN Duffy askes "Who else authorized this RANSOM?  How Women With Kids Try To Hold Their Pu$$y For Ransom! Pt 1  Global ransom-ware cyber-attack leaves over 100,000 businesses reeling   Today's Tipping Points: Iran Ransom, Obamacare, & Trump's Apology!  Boxed In Fashion Model Held For Ransom By Sex Traffickers  Kidnap for ransom group na umano’y nag-ooperate sa Central Luzon, nadakip ng PNP  Nigel Farage: The EU won't even discuss trade until we pay the Ransom  Mga biktima umano ng 'tokhang for ransom', natagpuan sa Maynila  Hacker Demands Ransom For 'Orange Is The New Black' Episodes  Alabama man fakes kidnapping, texts grandma for ransom money  ‘Gone With The Wind’ exhibit debuts at Ransom Center  Obama's $400M Ransom Payoff Evidence of Iran Deal Fraud | “Dana”  Tracking the ransom payments amid latest global cyberattack  Did The U.S. Make A Ransom Payment In Hostage Exchange?  No ransom paid for McGown's freedom  Firozabad businessman Sanjiv Gupta's kidnappers demand Rs 100 crore ransom  Apple hack cyber criminals raise their ransom to $700k  Politicians Are Holding The Nation To Ransom - Emir Of kano

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