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  Is Evil Rational?  John Stossel - Rational Optimism  Myth of the Rational Voter  An Introduction to Rational Ethics  Rational Economics vs Behavioral Economics  Me-Rational | Neta Hanien | TEDxJaffa  The Battle Between Behavioral and Rational Economics  Self Interest as a Rational Virtue?  Dem.Rep: Trump Doesn't Make Any Rational Decisions  Why conspiracy theories are rational to believe  Aversion To Discussion Is Not Rational  God vs. Atheism: Which is More Rational?  Anti-Fascists VS Rational People (Liberal Tolerance?)  A Rational Defense of Sleeping Alone  Adeosun Explains Rational Behind FG Tax Amnesty  John Stossel - Ron Paul And Rational Defense  New IT Rules -- Neither Rational, Nor Fair  Colombian President: Policy talk should be 'rational'  James Stack: Wall Street Exuberance. Rational or Warning?  Let's be Rational with Social Media | Vinayak Pachalag | TEDxGCEK  Monitoring Rational Exploitation Of Marine Resources | Earth File |  Ethics Unsucked! A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics  Summer House: Rational vs. Emotional (Season 1, Episode 4) | Bravo  Universally Preferable Behaviour: A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics (UPB)  Jesse Ventura frustrates FOX News anchor with rational thought, 2009  Putin's reaction to North Korean crisis was "most rational"  McCain: To Think We Can Repeal Obamacare 'Is Not Rational'  Trump: I hope Kim Jong Un is 'rational'   Glenn Greenwald: A rational-based way of thinking demands evidence!!  Sam Harris: Rational to Want to Covertly Control Muslim Populations?  Acting more rational - changing our automatic behavior | Ashley Zahabian | TEDxStanleyPark  9/11 mastermind's letter to Obama contains ‘rational motives’ – journalist  Top CIA Official Says Kim Jong Un Is "Rational"  Professor David Nutt On Why People Should Be Rational On Cannabis  Atheists: you're not as rational as you think – Prof Dominic Johnson | In my opinion  No normal, rational human being can support antifa after watching this video  David Doel of The Rational National Talks Single-Payer, Joy Reid, & Corporate Democrats  Ex-Neo Nazi Reveals His Solution To Hateful Ideology [The Rational National 9:31]  Ezra Klein Thinks Bernie’s Medicare-For-All Bill Was Bad Timing [The Rational National 7:59]  Bernie's Medicare-For-All Is Better Than Canadian Healthcare [The Rational National 7:35]  The Myth of the Rational Voter - Dr Bryan Caplan on Freedomain Radio  Malzberg | Gordon Chang: Nikki Haley Wrong, North Korean Prez. is Extremely Rational  The only rational thing to do when your teammate makes an unathletic play  Neymar leaves Barça: "You must not see it as a rational business transaction"  Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann Have Rational Discussion on Hillary vs. Bernie  Full Show 6/16/15: Is Donald Trump the Only Rational GOP Candidate?  Rational Self Interest and a Refutation of Blocking Philosophy Part 1  Amb. Nikki Haley On North Korean Leader: We're Not Dealing With A 'Rational Person'  [Bizline] Ep.209 - The Sharing Economy and Rational Spending _ Full Episode  [email protected]: Adeosun Explains Rational Behind FG's Tax Amnesty 07/03/17 Pt 2  Rational Self Interest and a Refutation of Blocking Philosophy Part 3  Henry Kissinger on whether Kim Jong-un is a "rational leader" (Aug 17, 2017) | Charlie Rose  Is Kim Jong-un rational? Evan Osnos on North Korea (Sept 12, 2017) | Charlie Rose  David Doel of The Rational National Talks Single-Payer, Joy Reid, & Corporate Democrats  "I'm Trying to Have a RATIONAL Debate!!" Tucker vs NY Congressman on Transgender Ban  Primal Desire Versus Rational Love - Dr. Warren Farrell Interviewed on Freedomain Radio  ‘You’re Not Being Rational!’: Scarborough Fights With Guest About Living in Fear in Trump’s America  Feminists vs. Atheists: The Death of Rational Discourse | Peter Boghossian and Stefan Molyneux  Kamal Hassan Talks About Financial Crisis And Rational Thoughts | Open Heart With RK | ABN Telugu  Guns and Rational Laws in the United States [OC]. Experimental format. Feedback greatly appreciated. Is it pro, neutral, or anti?  The Stock Market Is Not Rational: A History of Risk, Reward, and Delusion on Wall Street (2009)  Sargon of Akkad has shown the most reasonable and rational response to the events in Charlottesville that I have seen yet.  When you are so batshit insane, you make the Infowars hosts the rational ones, until the very end when Infowars drops the super crazy nuke. I normally don't sit through it all, but this is sooooo funny.  New documentary by a lawyer reports why no bankers are in jail for frauds committed during the financial crisis. Unfortunately, USDOJ and Treasury are involved in a criminal conspiracy to protect bankers. Rational, sane. Must see.

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