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  Republicans vs. Republicans  Reasonable Republicans Reject Extremist Republicans' Shutdown Agenda  Some Republicans Gripe Controversies overshadow agenda. #Republicans  Iowa: Republicans!  Panel on Republicans Working on New Health Care Amendment. #Republicans  Senate Republicans Unveil Their New Repeal Plan. #Republicans #GOP #HealthCare  Huckabee: Republicans need to start acting like Republicans  Why Are Republicans Attacking Special Counsel Mueller? #Republicans  Huckabee: Republicans need to start acting like Republicans  Republicans focus on Nevada  Bernie Sanders Blames Republicans  What Do Republicans Believe?  Republicans Have Repealed 'Obamacare'  Republicans Approve Footwear Earmark  John Oliver - Texas Republicans  Republicans Take a Stand  Republicans Abandon Fillon Campaign  Republicans unveil Obamacare replacement  Republicans unveil Obamacare replacement  Republicans dodge wiretap questions  Republicans Despair over Trump  Trump Cucks Republicans  Republicans win special elections  Mark Steyn - Spineless Republicans  Republicans Have No Plan  Republicans Aren't Listening  Republicans cancel 'Trumpcare' vote  Changing demographics challenge Republicans  Republicans kill Trumpcare  Republicans Won't Repeal Obamacare  Trump and House Republicans  Death by Republicans  Republicans Block Trump BIGLY  Strained relations among Republicans  "REPUBLICANS are not RACST"  Republicans' New Immigration Bill  “Racist, Homophobic, Sexist Republicans”  Blame the Republicans!  "REPUBLICANS Cannot HANDLE THIS"  Republicans STEAMROLL Past Democrats  How Republicans STEAL Elections  Republicans Back The EPA  Trump's Budget Irks Republicans  Republicans dodge wiretap questions  "Republicans Are Enabling Trump"  Republicans delay healthcare vote  UCO Republicans' Endorsement Statement  Republicans Block EPA Nominee  Republicans Defend Oil Subsidies  America's Preexisting Condition . . . Republicans!  No Republicans Need Apply  Republicans Want A Shutdown  Strained relations among Republicans  Republican President vs. REPUBLICANS  Obama Scolds Republicans  Obama SCHOOLS Trump, Republicans  Young Republicans Unite  Ana Navarro BLASTS REPUBLICANS  Caller: Thom Vilifies Republicans!  "TRUMP Hates REPUBLICANS"  Republicans Celebrate Florida Wins  Trump Deals Angering Republicans  Establishment Republicans Beware  Republicans drill Planned Parenthood chief  UC Berkeley Republicans table vandalized  Republicans proposal repeals Medicaid expansion  Republicans release Senate healthcare proposal  Republicans Outline New Healthcare Proposal  Obamacare: Republicans' right to fight  Republicans nominate Donald J. Trump  Republicans eye Senate in 2014  Republicans Deny Benefits For Veterans  Republicans block Senate stimulus plan  House Republicans take on Obamacare  Republicans release healthcare plan details  Congressional Republicans Hate 'Obamacare-lite'  Republicans maintain Michigan legislature control  House Republicans Pull Healthcare Bill  Why Republicans Aren't Impeaching Trump  Varney: It's crunchtime for Republicans

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