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  Trans-Retarded  Liberalism is Retarded  Meryl Streep is retarded  "Retarded" Racist Zimmerman Trial Witness!!  Charlie Sheen Calls Trump "Retarded"  JODHPUR: story of a mentally retarded mother of Jodhpur  Hatriot Mail: Retarded Lesbian Faggot Jew Cunt  George Zimmerman Trial Trayvon Rachel Jeantel Retarded   Deepak Chopra: Trump Is 'Emotionally & Mentally Retarded'  Retarded EU Official's Daughter Raped and Slaughtered by Islamic Migrant  Is "Retarded" Offensive? A History Lesson... | Louder With Crowder  JODHPUR: see what happens when a mentally retarded mom met her son after 14 years  Zero Hour: Mob attack mentally retarded man in Rajasthan's Chittor  ETV EENADU Story on Mentally Retarded Women Gets Reaction | Sangareddy  Ann Coulter Claims That Smoking Marijuana “Makes People Retarded”  Retarded On/Off Camera Briefing June 26 2017  Shapiro ABSOLUTELY ANNIHILATES Jimmy Kimmel's retarded monologue on gun control  Angel Garcia insinuates that Keith Thurman is retarded & has "retard strength"  Mentally Retarded Women Gives Birth to A Premature Baby | Infant Fighting for Life  Justin Bieber Barely Missed Walking Into ‘Retarded’ Hot Water During SNL Body Double Skit  Union Boss John Gage Calls Those Who Believe in Cutting Spending "Mentally Retarded"  Is "Retarded" Offensive? A History Lesson from Owen Benjamin | Louder With Crowder  Retarded Floridian Government Releases GMO Mosquitoes then Sprays Zika Zone with Toxins  Jeff Sessions: It's 'Dangerous' To Ban The Execution Of 'Retarded' People  Road Dogg threatening to slap Bret Hart's "half retarded ass" (old shoot interview after Bret's stroke)  Bearing: "Absolutely retarded - Australia is more brainwashed than I knew" (Australian Defence Force Gender Quotas)  Globalism Is a Retarded Cancer But Was Dreamed Up by Well Meaning Morons  Gavin McInnes: "Straight White Man" song "shows how retarded liberals are"  Retarded Documentary Claims Open Source and Science aren't Communism when they are.  50 Cent Responds to Fans Calling him Broke "Yall N*ggas Half Retarded! U Know How Much Money I got?"

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