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  Daycare workers handle children roughly  Roughly 300 U.S. Troops Head to Norway  Roughly 40 dogs rescued from terrible conditions  SpaceX rocket launches successfully, lands roughly  Investors Yank Roughly $600M From Bill Ackman's Funds | TIME  Roughly 13 Children Injured By Lawn Mowers Every Day?  Roughly 2,800 dogs vie to be America's top dog  Roughly 40 Percent Of Americans Were Harassed Online  Cold, Snow Kill Roughly 30 in Northern Afghanistan  News Wrap: Equifax data hacked for roughly 143 million Americans  Roughly 100 Underclassmen Will Declare For 2017 NFL Draft  Jupiter's Hot Spots Evenly Spaced (Roughly), Cassini Study Finds | Video  Roughly 400 whales die after mass stranding in New Zealand  Roughly 100 pieces of evidence unaccounted for in North Providence  Detective Who Roughly Handcuffed Nurse Has Been Fired  PRIME TIME NEWS 22:00 Roughly 800 people quarantined as MERS spreads in Korea Once again  Space Weather May Cause BLACKOUTS Across The Earth; Costing Roughly $$$40 BILLION  Why doctor was roughly dragged off a plane and left bleeding from the face  Are old and embarrassing skate videos okay here? [OC](from roughly ten years ago)  Roughly 3,000 Yazidi Women and Girls Are Sold On ISIS Sex Slave Market  Minnesota Police Record Roughly Twenty Minutes Of Every Eight Hour Shift  Texas Bankers Assoc.: Roughly 1,000 Branches Impacted By Hurricane Harvey | CNBC  Former UN Amb. Bolton On Afghanistan Bombing: Magnitude Roughly Equivalent To Small Nuclear Weapon  Former UN Amb. Bolton on Afghanistan bombing: Magnitude roughly equivalent to small nuclear weapon  Roughly 30 players on the San Francisco 49ers knelt during the national anthem Sunday  Top 10 U.S. sanctuary cities face roughly $2.27 billion in cuts by Trump policy January 26, 2017  Roughly 30 flights delayed at Jeju Int'l Airport due to strong wind  To just think this was Truex roughly 4/5 years ago.  Fans lined up before dawn to pay their final respects to music legend Chuck Berry roughly three week  Start Analysis (Resubmitted) Im wondering roughly how many steps I should be taking over the first 10 meters?  Roughly one week since its upload, the official Australian GP highlight video has nearly 1 million views

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