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  Congress approves new sanctions  Venezuela sanctions  Venezuela sanctions  What Are Sanctions?  Iran's sanctions lifted  US sanctions 'dictator' Maduro  Senate approves Russia sanctions measure  Obama sanctions Russia  Sanctions ordered against Russia  E-Official: Trump Team Talked Lifting Russia Sanctions. #Russia #Sanctions  North Korea on New Sanctions: "GREATEST PAIN" for U.S. #Sanctions  New Sanctions to limit North Korea's Fuel Imports. #Sanctions #TheLead  North Korea Vows Retaliation Against U.S. for Sanctions #NorthKorea #Sanctions  China Protests U.S. Sanctions  Obama Slaps Sanctions On Russia!" | #CWTB  Russia disappointed over new US sanctions  North Korea Threatens U.S. over UN Sanctions. #NorthKorea #Sanctions  Kremlin Responds To Sanctions  Do sanctions work?  House Approves Sanctions On Russia  TRUMP Issues TOUGHER SANCTIONS On North Korea!  TRUMP Issues TOUGHER SANCTIONS On North Korea!  Sanctions Kill Ordinary Syrians  Trump Sanctions Maduro - TheRealNews  Hezbollah Dismisses US Sanctions  Nouvelles sanctions contre Pyongyang  UN sanctions North Korea  Sanctions expected against Iran  Power Breakfast: Risking Sanctions  Russia Retaliates Over Sanctions  The Debate – Sanctions Setback  New Sanctions On Qatar?  North Korea sanctions  Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill  Russia presents counter measures to US sanctions  Russia responds to US sanctions  Sanctions Kill Ordinary Syrians  Call for Sanctions  The Debate – Sanctions Split  Trump Sanctions Maduro  Iran condemns new US sanctions  Trump Signed Biggest Sanctions On Russia.  How do United Nations sanctions work?  Kellyanne Conway on Sanctions  Taiwan imposes sanctions  President Trump signs sanctions  Tillerson: Sanctions harm U.S. businesses  Inside Story - Do sanctions work?  Do sanctions work?- Inside Story  Putin says sanctions won't lead to 'collapse'  Vox Pop: Muscovites On West's New Sanctions  Trump signs Russia sanctions bill   North Korea sanctions coming soon?  EU warns US over sanctions bill  Trump denies Exxon exemption from sanctions  Why is Germany against new US sanctions on Russia ?  Why is Germany against new US sanctions on Russia?  Why North Korean sanctions have failed  Why North Korean sanctions have failed  Senate Passes Russia Sanctions Bill  What are the Russia sanctions?  Is Germany Rebelling Against US Sanctions on Russia? (YouTube)  US sanctions Venezuelan President Maduro  US Sanctions Have Crippled the Russian Economy  Trump Administration Announces New Sanctions on Iran  Ankara imposes sanctions on Amsterdam  Trump dodges on Russia sanctions  TIP TV ad: Iran Sanctions  Reid Calls for Stricter Sanctions Against Iran  Russia Retaliates Against New U.S. Sanctions  China, Russia Veto Syrian Sanctions  US sanctions Against Venezuela's Vice President Announced  Russia Sanctions: Cold War Begins Again  North Korea responds to US sanctions  US Imposes Economic Sanctions Against Venezuela  Trading Sanctions: 'EU unreliable, Russia turning East'  U.S. sanctions 13 Venezuelan officials  McCain, Graham Urge Tougher Sanctions on Russia  Turkey Threatening Netherlands With Sanctions  Senate Passes New Russian Sanctions

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