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  SATLZ: SEQUESTER  Don't Sweat the Sequester  Trump vows to lift defense sequester  Heaggan-Brown jury sequester a costly endeavor  Portsmouth Naval Shipyard weathers sequester  Sequester: A Matter of National Security  Trump: I’m calling on Congress to end the defense sequester   Trump vows to lift defense sequester  George Will: Sequester Numbers Are Wrong  5 Sequester Facts to Know Before Committing Suicide  Obama Jokes: 'Jedi Mind Meld' Not an Option During Sequester Negotiations | The New York Times  George Will: Breaking Sequester is a Poison Pill  Nelson urges cooperation to find solutions to the sequester  University of Kentucky Researchers Speak Out: Stop the Sequester  Sequester News 2013: Obama Seeks to Head Off Automatic Cuts | The New York Times  Countdown to the Apocalypse: The Sequester Now Just Days Away  Morning Joe Slams Obama Admin. For Misleading Sequester Scares  Krauthammer: 'Republicans Should Do Nothing' On The Sequester  NRCC Chairman Greg Walden discusses Sequester on Fox and Friends  Morning Joe Rips Sen. Lindsey Graham On Sequester: ‘Should We Have An Intervention?’  Paul Ryan on Immigration, Sequester, and the Budget  Limbaugh: Dems ‘Almost Hoping’ For ‘Armageddon’ So Their Sequester Predictions Don’t Lose Credibility  GOP Sen. Coburn Trashes Sequester Cuts, Says Washington Is ‘Dysfunctional In A Dysfunctional Way’ On NBC  Reid: Sequester Risks Life-Saving Work At National Institutes of Health  Andy Levy Hits Chris Brown, Backs Obama’s Sequester Strategy And Praises Conan O’Brien On Fox Radio  Trump promises to end military sequester, boost defense, in weekly address  Fox Wants Public To Blame Democrats For Any Airport Delays From Sequester Cuts  Obama On Defense Sequester: GOP Trying To 'Wriggle Out Of What They Agreed To'  Schaeffer • Sequester, Keystone XL Pipeline, Govt blocks airline merger • Forbes on Fox (08.17.13)  Senator Ron Johnson: If Boehner "Caves" on Taxes With Sequester, He Will Lose Speakership  Rep. Black Explains Vote Against Budget Deal that Busted Sequester Caps, Raised Debt Ceiling  Paul Ryan on the sequester and the prospects for tax reform  Courtney discusses origins, impact of sequester, offers solutions to defuse mechanism  Fox & Friends Guest Lays Into Media For Buying Obama Admin’s ‘Crocodile Tears’ About Sequester Cuts  Candy Crowley Goes Off On McCain: If Sequester So Bad, Why Is Congress On Recess And Obama Golfing?  Courtney: cancel recess, turn off sequester, and stand up for America's middle class  NRCC Chairman Greg Walden discussing the sequester on Lou Dobbs Tonight  Krauthammer's Take: Sequester 'Most Ridiculously Hyped Armageddon Since the Mayan Calendar'

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