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  Shen Yun Performing Arts 2017  "The Highest Spirituality" - Shen Yun Performing Arts in Busan, South Korea  Shen Yun praised in Claremont, California performances  Shen Yun inspires audiences in Claremont, California  Shen Yun inspires audiences in Thousand Oaks, California  Shen Yun delivers 'mind-blowing' performance in Seattle  Shen Yun dazzles Santa Barbara audiences with vibrant colors  Shen Yun presents divinely inspired Chinese culture to Portland audiences  Shen Yun is “mind blowing,” says Seattle family  Shen Yun delivers ‘mind-blowing’ performance in Seattle  National Champion Gymnast inspired by Shen Yun  European Parliament Members Attend Reception Welcoming Shen Yun to Europe  Shen Yun draws praise from Santa Barbara audiences  Orange County couple awed by divinely inspired Shen Yun performance  Shen Yun is a “spectacular” experience, says actress and filmmaker  Shen Yun dazzles Las Vegas with stunning visuals and superior techniques  San Antonio audiences praise grace and elegance of Shen Yun  Shen Yun is ‘magical’ and ‘exuberant,’ says McAllen showgoer  Shen Yun is “worth a lifetime” says Texas showgoer  Shen Yun is “captivating,” says counseling psychologist  Shen Yun delights Italian audiences with unique orchestra  Chinese-Americans praise Shen Yun for uplifting message  Shen Yun is beautiful and informative, say Orange County audiences  Shen Yun brings inspiration and enlightenment to New Jersey showgoers  Audiences amazed by moving backdrop in Shen Yun  Shen Yun brings inspiration to ballet dancer in Corpus Christi  Shen Yun is a “performance like no other,” says Seattle showgoer  Shen Yun is “a performance unequalled” and “unforgettable,” says ballet instructor  Shen Yun enchants Mesa audiences with colorful display of Chinese culture and spirituality  Shen Yun is a “one of a kind experience,” says Toronto writer  Shen Yun delivered a “perfect” performance, say Albany showgoers  Shen Yun brings audience joy and inspiration  “It was like seeing heaven on Earth,” says California showgoer about Shen Yun  Shen Yun is a “classic of the ages,” says Orange County lawyer  Shen Yun is “stunning,” says Vice Chairman of the U.S. International Religious Freedom Commission  Shen Yun bids Santa Barbara goodbye with sold-out closing performance  Shen Yun is ‘breathtaking’ and a ‘must-see’ show, say Hawaiian showgoers  Son delights mother with Shen Yun tickets for Mother’s Day gift  Shen Yun impresses audience in Phoenix, Arizona.  Shen Yun uplifts audiences in Mesa with message of compassion and tolerance  Shen Yun brings Chinese culture to the world, says former Diamond Bar mayor  Shen Yun is a “must-see show,” says San Antonio audience member  Shen Yun delivers splendid colors in Chicago  "Best of Shen Yun" Returns to Lincoln Center, NY, June 2011  Shen Yun is “visually spectacular” and “breathtaking,” say LA showgoers  Shen Yun wins praise from the audience in Claremont, California  Milan audiences touched by Shen Yun’s profound message  Shen Yun touches ballet dancer’s heart with ‘ethereal’ performance  Music industry veterans praise Shen Yun’s dance and music  Australian couple moved by Shen Yun’s beauty  Shen Yun brings positive emotions to audience in Las Vegas  Long Beach audiences hope for Shen Yun’s return  Shen Yun’s opening performance in Thousand Oaks draws rave reviews  Shen Yun Music and Dance In Long Beach  NIFCA Performing Arts  NIFCA Performing Arts Highlights  Guilford Performing Arts Festival  Arts Avenue: UPAF's Performing Arts Awareness Campaign  UPAF "Performing Arts Awareness Campaign"  GVSU Center for Performing Arts  Performing Arts uniting the nation  Shen Yun takes sisters on an emotional journey through dance and music  Funding Found For Performing Arts Center  Performing Arts One on One: Katie McGeorge  Performing Arts Cognoscente | Sulakshana Sen | [email protected]  Pima College Center For The Performing Arts  Fire Hits Kuwait's New Performing-Arts Center  FOX 2 9AM DEVINE PERFORMING ARTS  Rise Above Performing Arts - Suncoast View  Women In Performing Arts Mourn Eddie Coffie  FOX 2 9AM DEVINE PERFORMING ARTS DANCE  Performing arts centre dedicated to Franco Zeffirelli  Performing arts on the streets of Algeria  Construction on performing arts center continues  Franco Zaffirelli International Centre for Performing Arts  VIDEO: Tulsa mayor names new Performing Arts Center Director  Fire breaks out at performing arts groups warehouse, destroys everything  Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' at Tulsa Performing Arts Center  Dr Phillips Center For The Performing Arts Opening Ceremony  Live: Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts announcement

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