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  Jesse Watters Destroys Sanctuary City Shill... 8 / 5 / 2017  Lemon: Nunes looked like shill for Trump  Must Watch Tucker Destroy A Slimey Sanctuary City Shill 7 / 31 / 2017  Globalist Shill Emmanuel Macron WINS French Presidency In A LANDSLIDE  Shep Smith: Is Nunes a shill for the White House?  Cable Industry Shill Outed by David During Interview  How Howard Dean Went From Progressive To Corporate Shill  Ann Coulter DESTROYS Rude CNN SHILL Joy Behar (2009)  Trump shill goes down in flames trying to defend administration against Russian ties  Trump shill goes down in flames trying to defend administration against Russian ties  Joe Wayne of The ACP333 Takes On Blueberry Bill The ZioGlobal SHILL 4 / 11 / 2017  Democrat Shill CIA Brennan, Pushes WH Regime Change  Roger Stone: James Comey Is A Shill For The Clintons  Zionist Shill Alex Jones Apologizes for PizzaGate Coverage  NRA Shill: How Dare You Call Guns Weapons!  Shameful: Donald Trump Selects Fossil Fuel Shill to Lead the EPA  Colbert audience cheers Comey firing, before DNC shill corrects them  James "Mad Dog" Mattis Obliterates Democrat Shill Senator  Tea Party Ted Cruz Is Just Another Establishment Shill  Bill Kristol Can't Stop Being Smug, Wrong & An Establishment Shill  NRA Shill: How Dare You Call Guns Weapons! - TYT  UKIP's Mark Reckless & Michael Heaver On Douglas Carswell Being A SHILL  Douglas Murray VS Open Borders SHILL - How Divided Is The UK After BREXIT?  Trump Supporter Spars With CNN SHILL Over Gun Control - ‘This is About Life and Death’  Tucker Carlson Goes Off on CNN SHILL Brian Stelter and CNN Collusion with Dems  Carly Fiorina endorses Wall Street shill Ted Cruz -- what a joke!  Shepard Smith Asks if Nunes is Just a Shill Working with Trump to Destroy Russia Probe  Oprah Winfrey: Black Hero or Neoliberal Shill for Scams Like "The Secret"?  this is what u get if u shill for the left xD  Glenn Greenwald Purportedly a Kremlin Shill For Questioning Russian Hacking Narrative  Sean Spicer skips press corps, takes question from right wing logging shill  Stacy Washington : "I'm not a 'paid shill' for the NRA yet"  Twin Falls Boy Scouts shill for refugees after refugees convicted of child rape week prior  College Students Say Still Jill @ TYT Hill Shill Live on Fusion TV  A GOVERNEMENT program in TOP SECRET to create SHILL TROLLS/ starts at 35...  POLL: Americans Blame Deep State Shill Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook for Fake News - Lionel Nation  "Bill O'Reilly Spawned A Generation of Shock Jocks Who Shill For The Elite & Keep You Uninformed."  Jill Stein Supporter: Sad To See Bernie Sanders "Shill" For Hillary  AARP... Just Another Shill For The GOP? (w/Guest: Alex Lawson)  CNN's Don Lemon drops the mic Nunes looked 'like ‘shill for the White House’  Trump shill goes down in flames trying to defend administration against Russian ties  Teacher Union Shill Patty Murray Fails To Disclose $89,000 in Donations  James Bond Exercises License to Shill With ‘Spectre’ Product Placement: Wrap Trends  No, Bernie Sanders Did NOT Endorse Establishment Shill Donald Norcross (Feat. Alex Law)  Trump’s New FCC Nominee is a Bigger Industry Shill Than Ajit Pai  How Howard Dean Went From Progressive To Corporate Shill - The Jimmy Dore Show  Abby Martin goes at lefty shill Rachel Maddow for comparing people who question 9/11 to terrorists  Dnc Shill Jim Acosta Asked Sarah Sanders If Cnn Is Under Investigation, What She Said Next Broke Him  Jill The Shill For Hill Appears Mentally Ill As She Cracks Under The Fox News Sunday Grill 12 / 4  Harlan Hill pretended to be a Bernie Sanders supporter in 2016 but is/was actually a shill for Trump.  An update on my chemtrails skywriting campaign. I went to kickstarter HQ demanding answers they might have made me into a shill!  Never forget the first thought on (shill) Chip Kelly's mind when Ducks were headed to the Rose Bowl. Dr. Pepper baby!  Further proof Alex Jones is a shill: He's non-critical of Trumps extension of the Afghan war, while simultaneously being a 9/11 truther  Young Turks shill for the surveillance state, and say we need more cameras watching us at all times, because of bananas  Apparently CoolHardLogic is a government shill because someone sent him a fake message. And he apologized for thinking it was real...  Shill Challenge: Silverstein said to "pull it" referring to WTC7, using a common demolition term. Watch this in context and ask your neighborhood firefighter what they think Silverstein meant by this.  Head Vaccine Shill, Propagandist and Multi-Millionaire Vaccine Patent Holder, Paul Offit, confirms that he's been lying about MMR vaccine safety, admits that it's possible MMR is causing Autism  Example of "Shill Nye" pushing this SJW sexuality stuff on his audience. Most bizarre thing you will see today.He also shills for Monsanto in an episode, claims vaccines are 100% safe, and that chemtrails are fake  How deep state shill Prescott Bush, George Bush's grandfather, recruited the evil Richard Nixon. "Wanted: Desperate politician to do despicable things for cash. Apply in writing to Prescott Bush."  David Icke Finally Abandons All Pretense & "Comes Out" as a Shill For the NWO - The Las Vegas Report his latest offering spurns evidence from impeccable CIA sources that the entire LV episode was a blatant False Flag, where after enduring h

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