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  Shorten rallies Labor party room  Shorten objects to "mystery person" being named  Coalition 'has lost its mandate', Shorten says  Shorten praises Fraser's "six decades of service"  US officials shorten N. Korea nuclear timeline  Malcolm Turnbull calls Bill Shorten 'sycophant'  4C The Leaders: Shorten on Leadership Coups  ScoMo pushes Shorten into trust busting  SHERYL CROW WANTS THE U.S PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN SEASON SHORTEN  Should the NBA SHORTEN the Regular Season?  Shorten labels Turnbull 'Zorro', 'Hamlet' in Parliament  Bill Shorten vs Bob Hawke In A Skol Off 🍺  Bill Shorten revels in race-hate win  Summer school will shorten break for 2,000 Youngstown students  Green card backlog could shorten with Obama's executive order  Bill Shorten Respond to Malcolm Turnbull on Blame Game Politics  Global Leaders Forum with Bill Shorten, Australian Opposition Leader  Shorten GST-exempt list for it to be progressive  Bill Shorten pays tribute to former PM Tony Abbott  Shorten slams 'bigots and ideologues' in Budget reply  Bevco to take liquor sales online to shorten the queues  Marriage equality: Bill Shorten introduces bill to Parliament  Bill Shorten and Christopher Pyne describe education policies  Bill Shorten Responds to Prime Minister's National Security Address  Bill Shorten Lambasts Federal Government Over Adler Shotgun Laws  Australian Election too close to call Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten Speak (7-2-16)  Pollution levels considered safe can still shorten lifespans, study shows  Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull attacks on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, Why?  Health Watch: Eating Fried Potatoes May Shorten Your Life  Prime Minister Turnbull Gets Fired Up, Calls Shorten a "Sycophant"  Pollution levels considered safe can still shorten lifespans, study shows  Luke Walton On Whether He Intends To Shorten Bench's Minutes  Researchers Identify Genetic Markers That May Shorten Lifespan  4C The Leaders: What do Shorten & Turnbull think of each other?  Patients sent to other services in bid to shorten A&E waiting times  Prime Minister Confirms There Won't be Any Legislative Changes to Shorten Campaign Period  PM Modi meets the Leader of Opposition in the House of Representatives, Bill Shorten, in Canberra  Bill Shorten takes a whole 16 seconds to skoll a beer  PS 4K NEO will not shorten PS4's life - It will make it to last longer  Max B wins Appeal to Shorten his Sentence.. He'll be Released from Prison between 2-6 Years.  Rod B's Big 3: 49ers need to shorten 3rd down distances against Cowboys  Rapoport Vote to shorten OT could occur in the spring | Mar 28, 2017  Foods you should eat to shorten the length of a cold  NFL Shorten Regular Season OT To 10 Minutes | First Take | May 24, 2017  New Tunnel Between Srinagar, Jammu To Shorten Distance By 2 Hours  Will the NBA shorten its regular season? | Pardon The Interruption | ESPN  Waleed Aly Calls Out Bill Shorten On Penalty Rates Cut Backflip  New tunnel between Srinagar, Jammu to shorten distance by 2 hours  NBA Tries to Address Rest Problem, Still Won't Shorten the Season  Dunkin' Donuts may shorten its name — here are 5 other chains that have changed theirs  Failure to Get up at least once every 30 minutes may shorten your life | Los Angeles Times

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