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  Sanders: President stating priorities for immigration reform  CNN Cuts Feed When Congressman Starts Stating Facts About Refugees  Rajnath Invokes Modi's Mantra Stating 'Violence Won't Solve Anything'  Very well put video stating facts about Islam  TUCKER CARLSON HEADLINES: Hillary Stating Russia Was GUIDED By AMERICANS  Donald Trump Sends Letter Stating he has no Business Interests in Russia - Tax Returns?  Jason Chaffetz Stuns Democrats Stating President Trump Told Me To Investigate Whatever I Want  Liberal Rag Vox Slammed For Stating The Obvious 12 / 13 / 2016  CNN Cuts Off Democrat Senator After Stating No Evidence To Support Russian Conspiracy  Clinton releases ad of Trump stating diaper changes are a wife's job  President Trump Signs Executive Order Stating Intent To Withdrawal From TPP Agreement  Russia Probe Destroyed By Dni Dan Coats Leaks And Clapper Stating No Evidence Of Collusion  President Barack Obama stating his commitment to ending Don't Ask Don't Tell  Andhra police arrest 65 persons from TN stating they were planning to smuggle red sanders  Taal Thok Ke | Are Farookh Abdullah's comments stating terrorists as martyrs a disrespect to Ärmy?  Was Sonu Nigam merely stating what many in India already feel?  CBS Confirms CIA Report Stating Putin Gave Direct Orders to Help Elect Trump  Donald Trump Sends Letter Stating he has no Business Interests in Russia  BJP National secretary H. Raja arrested for stating a protest in Chennai  Leaders of various political parties stating their opinions about the TN budget  Wikileaks Julian Assange Cites James Clapper Stating No Evidence Exists Linking Russia To Wikileaks  Thrift store employee confirms flier stating store is moving to McMenamy's location  CNN Cuts Feed When Congressman Starts Stating Facts About Refugees And Crime Sta  UDMF submits 5 point-memorandum to government stating a week ultimatum - ANI #News  IEBC writes a letter to Raila Odinga's NASA stating they can't provide all forms 34 A  Mark Warner Says What is on All of Our Minds By Stating the "Pecular" Timing of Comey's Firing  The drama on day one of Parliament as MPs get sworn in stating their allegiance to Uhuru and Raila  London muslim terror attack: Tommy Robinson stating facts as Leftists scum laugh - British reporter gets emotional: "This country is being fucked by people like you"  Shoe commercial promotes female on male violence and drops the facade of equal pay by openly stating women deserve more money than men for equal work  "Master of Weapon", a 1989 video game which features the Twin Towers pancaking to the ground, w/ intro message stating the story of the game takes place on September 11th 199X, or "after the 90's". X is the 24th letter, 24 months after the

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