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  Fake President Protester Stumped  College students stumped over socialism  College students stumped over socialism  This New 'Perfect' Battery Has Experts Stumped  Mysterious neighbors leaves Hamilton neighbors stumped  CNN's Chris Cuomo Getting Stumped Compilation  Stolen license plates leave police stumped  Gay Protestor Stumped by Tucker Carlson  Meet The Students Who Stumped Rahul Gandhi  Gorsuch stumped over horse-sized duck question  Melania Trump's Accent Stumped These Robots  Video of 'walking fish has scientists stumped  She Stumped To A New Low!  Bill Nye STUMPED Over Global Warming By Tucker Carlson!  Criticism: The Untruth About Donald Trump | #NeverTrump Stumped!  Joey Essex's EU question leaves Ed Miliband stumped  Liberal Gun Control Advocate Stumped By Trey Gowdy  Donald Trump Finally Gets Stumped at Fox News' GOP Debate  Cocky Democrat Stumped By Dinesh D'Souza Over Morality Of Climate Change  Singapore maths question: How to solve the problem for school children that has stumped the world  Scientists Stumped over Beaked Whale with Mysterious Teeth  Question On Saudi Democracy Leaves State Dept. Official Stumped  Everyone Is Stumped by this Trump Tower Gift Shop Shirt  The math problem that stumped thousands of mansplainers  'Silicon Valley' Stars Stumped On Big Tech | The Pulse | CNBC  Thirteen questions Amazon's Alexa answered and ten that stumped her  Joey Essex's EU question leaves Ed Miliband stumped  This "Walking" Fish Has Scientists Stumped | National Geographic  Seasons After Fall Let's Play | Episode 2: Forest Stumped  State Department Official Stumped by Question About Saudi Democracy  Double standards? State Dept. embarrassingly stumped by Saudi question  Researchers Stumped As Asbestos Related Illness Continues To Rise  BIZARRE! Inexplicable "Jellyfish" UFO Hovering In The Sky Has Left Debunkers STUMPED!  Watch ‘Empire’ Star Bryshere Y. Gray Get Stumped by Questions About the Show  Know-It-All Democrat Gets Stumped By Ben Shapiro On Iraq War  'Name One Way': Hillary Surrogate Gets Stumped When Asked How She Helped The Hispanic Community  TI-M President stumped by question about ongoing investigations on corruption  Most balls in one stroke, I can't believe I haven't stumped upon this yet  NEW: Ben Shapiro Can't Be Stumped By College Leftists In FULL Q&A  Painful Silence: State Dept stumped over why US criticizes Iran on democracy, but not Saudis  Painful silence: State Dept stumped over why US criticizes Iran on democracy, but not Saudis  Hot mic: Rahul Gandhi's dynasty barb in Telangana leaves Congress spokesmen stumped - New Delhi News  A Mystery Object Is Lurking Past Neptune And Astronomers Are Stumped  Stumped Scientists Find 3 Earth Like Planets Around Dwarf Star 5/3/16  Police stumped by case of man found dead in Bazetta 11 years ago  20 Seconds of Painful Silence: State Dept stumped over why US criticizes Iran on democracy, but not Saudis  Doctors stumped after find 75 Metal PINS lodged in man even he has no memory of it  Politician Absolutely Stumped When Reporter Asks Him To Name A Single Point Of His ‘Six-Point Plan’

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