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  Ballia: Authorities swear by cleanliness, take the pledge too  Police take corruption-free pledge  Villages take pledge to shun liquor  Snapping and Driving: Take the Pledge to Stop  Bakersfield elementary school students take pledge not to bully  Taking the RunGreen pledge  Preview: The Giving Pledge  Record One million take simultaneous pledge to save Gujarat's pride  Railway employees take Swachhata pledge to keep stations clean  Arvind Kejriwal: New AAP councillors take Kejriwal's 'pledge of loyalty'  PM Narendra Modi urges people to take cleanliness pledge  Georgetown students take mock pledge to end "urinal privilege"  Record 1 million take simultaneous pledge to save Gujarat's pride  PM Modi urges people to take cleanliness pledge - ANI News  PM Modi urges people to take cleanliness pledge  Sonko, Igathe take oath with pledge to transform Nairobi  Lakhs take a pledge across India to revive dying rivers  Nigerian youths recite the National Pledge  The Pledge | 14th September 2017  The Truth About The Pledge of Allegiance  Donald Trump Makes Kids At Wisconsin Rally Take A Pledge: ''No Drugs, No Alcohol & No Cigarettes!''  Watch: At 'Namami Gange' meet, Uttarakhand officials take pledge to clean up the river  Principles of Community Pledge University of Missouri  Local City Council Attacks the Pledge  Elon Musk and the Giving Pledge  Maasai leaders pledge support for the opposition  The pledge to become a U.S. citizen  Donald Trump refuses to take pledge that he won't run as a third-party candidate  Keeping "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance  Jerusalem Embassy Pledge - World  Chambers pledge more collaboration  President’s Job Pledge  Rappler's pledge to #InspireCourage  Top Democrat Is Caught Doing The Unthinkable During Pledge  Business community urged to take a peace pledge to maintain investor confidence  City Council Members Protest Pledge Of Allegiance  Guan Eng: BN reps not ostracised, they can take anti-graft pledge at state assembly  Bengaluru: On World Water Day, students take pledge to save water  Thousands take pledge to end child exploitation at Kailash Satyarthi's Bharat Yatra  ఏపీలో నవ నిర్మాణ దీక్ష | Chandrababu to Take Up Nava Nirmana Deeksha Pledge @ Benz Circle | TV5 News  Kids Take 'No Drugs, No Alcohol, No Cigarettes' Pledge for Donald Trump  Gandhi Jayanti | Moosapet Villages Take Pledge to Shun Liquor | Medak District  Guilford High School students pledge to end the “R-word”  People frightened by Trump's immigration pledge  Olympic Swimmer Announces Endorsement Pledge  China, Italy Pledge Stronger Ties  Senators pledge aggressive Russia probe  Pledge of Allegiance - Sugar Creek  Monday Special : Jubilee Party Pledge  ECB keeps easy money pledge  Lululemon Pledge -- Spray on Pants  Tom Tuck, Prayer and Pledge  Students Pledge Off-Line October  Bill Press "This Started With Asking The Candidates To Sign Pledge Not To Take Fossil Fuel Money!"  Girl Refuses Pledge Of Allegiance, Sues School  Donald Trump's Nazi-Like "Pledge"  Puppet Pledge News Update | NPT  Senate Democrats: GOP Risks Economic Progress With Norquist Pledge  Parents Sign 'Wait Until 8th' Smartphone Pledge  Rally for student assaulted for pledge  Student sues school over Pledge of Allegiance  Student sues school over Pledge of Allegiance  Spadea - requiring the Pledge of Allegiance is 'phony patriotism'  Take the fangs out  President Uhuru Kenyatta takes the Jubilee Party pledge of conduct  Taking the Pledge: VICE News Tonight on HBO (Full Segment)  Grover Norquist says Trump hasn't signed the anti-tax pledge  Groups Pledge Allegiance to the Confederacy in Gettysburg  Trump's pledge backtrack 'good for the markets', says analyst  Aubrey Plaza Still Remembers The 4-H Pledge  Losing Candidates from Ukambani pledge to support the gov't  House speaker rejects Trump's pledge to shut down the gov't  Piyush Goel Talks About PM Modi's The New India Pledge  Ben Shapiro Answers Should 'God' be Removed From the Pledge  Canada PM Makes Pledge to Fight Global Anti-Abortion Laws  Ed Miliband addresses Labour pledge to rescue the NHS  UKIP Leader Paull Nuttall On MarrShow - The Burqa BAN Pledge  DP William Ruto takes the Jubilee Party pledge of conduct  President Uhuru Kenyatta takes the Jubilee pledge of conduct  South Korean business delegation pledge to invest in the U.S.

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