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  “Thoughtful technology” | Ryan Murdoch | TEDxUniversityofGlasgow  RUSH: Edward Snowden 'Profoundly Articulate,' 'Extremely Thoughtful'  Thoughtful gifts strengthen bond between nations  Steve Kerr sends a thoughtful message to Jerry Sloan  Thoughtful Guy Delivers Nice Notes To Make Strangers Smile  Remi Cruz Thanks a Thoughtful Fan on Skype  Thoughtful surprise for reverend 60 years after racist incident  Faith in humanity restored: From thoughtful neighbours to charitable tourists...  Kerr gives thoughtful comments ahead of playing on Easter Sunday  Brexit Implementation Must Be 'Responsible, Sensitive and Thoughtful,' Says Kerry  Nigel Farage's Thoughtful Take On The Manchester Bombing  A Tribute to Obaid Siddiqi; the Thoughtful Scientist  The Economics Behind Third Clinton-Trump Debate Explained (Thoughtful Analysis)  Kind, thoughtful, intellectual: W. MI remembers Vern Ehlers  Juan Williams Actually Just Said That The Celeb Mock Violence Against Trump Is Thoughtful  Barack Obama's Thoughtful Answer To Jake Tapper When Asked About Syria  Participants Of Social Media Need To Be More Thoughtful Of Posts • Risk & Reward (01.12.17)  Washington Week: “Calm, thoughtful discussion… in the midst of extreme dialogue”  Valentino debuts thoughtful ready-to-wear collection at Paris Fashion Week  MSNBC's Dickey Sees 'Crypto-Facsist' Right vs. 'Obama-Like,' 'Thoughtful' 'Progressive' In France  Dennis Muren Interview: Creating Thoughtful Effects in Return of the Jedi  White House: Meryl Streep Delivered A Thoughtful Message At The Golden Globes  NBC's Jansing: Unlike Trump, Obama Decision-Making 'Very Professorial, Thoughtful, In-Depth'  Executive Editor of the NYT: The Left Doesn't Want To Hear Thoughtful Disagreement  Executive Editor of the NYT The Left Doesn't Want To Hear Thoughtful Disagreement  Joe Biden On Bob Gates: He Sent Me The Most Thoughtful Letter When My Son Died | Speakeasy | CNBC

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