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  liquor veto  School bus money veto  Veto pen ready  Veto Corporate Welfare  Against Gov. Rauner's veto  Wage Veto Outrage  Overturn Governor Nixon's RTW Veto!  Push for 'BBQ bill' veto in Austin  9/11 Families Protest Obama Veto Threat  What will Scott veto from state budget?  Gov. Cooper to veto $23B state budget  Senate fails to override Keystone XL veto  China, Russia Veto Syrian Sanctions  Veto override vote will be held Wednesday  One week until veto session in Richmond  Sekulow Update: Will Obama Veto Saeed's Release  S.C. House overturns Haley's farm aid veto  KS House overrides Gov. Brownback budget veto  Educators presuming Governor Scott to veto budget  Gov. Rauner: "Do not override my veto."  Trump Vs. Russia: Will He Veto?  Video: Lawmakers override veto of Protect Our Schools Act  Reconciliation Act Veto Message from Pres. Obama  Obama 'Very Serious' on NDAA Veto Threat  Western Powers Condemn Russia-China UN Veto  School officials calling on governor to veto budget  House votes to override Gov. Baker's veto of pay raises  US refuses to veto resolution on Israel  Obama Will Veto Defense Authorization Bill  The Senate just overrode Obama's veto  Ohio House considers override of Kasich veto of Medicaid freeze  Governor Dayton's veto of Legislature's operating fund ruled unconstitutional  Polish President to Veto Controversial Court Bill  NCGA overrides Gov. Cooper’s veto of $23B budget  Governor Deal announces he will veto Georgia's Religious Freedom Bill  Russia and China Again Veto Syria Resolution  Talking Points: Will Dayton Veto Budget Bills?  Mary Childers wants Rauner's veto to stand  Syria war: Russia and China veto sanctions  Polish President To Veto Controversial Judicial Reforms  City councilors vote to override mayor's budget veto  Governor's veto of court funding launches concerns over jury trials  Kiev to deprive Moscow of veto power at UNSC  Jeb Bush: "They Call Me 'Veto' Corleone"  Verhofstadt: EU could veto UK Brexit deal  Lawmakers Approve Abortion Restrictons Despite Dayton Veto  Polish President to veto controversial reform  Kasich's veto keeps Ohio's renewable standards  Russia, China Veto UN Resolution on Syria  Russia, China Veto UN Resolution on Syria  Judge Rejects Dayton's Veto Of Lawmakers' Funds  Polish President to veto judicial reform bills  Gov. Cooper to veto $23B state budget, legislators will override  Hogan vows veto of bill on low-performing schools  New Mexico Senate backs veto override on teacher sick leave  Kansas lawmakers postpone vote on Medicaid veto  Kansas lawmakers override veto of tax increase  China, Russia veto anti-Damascus resolution  Russia and China Again Veto Syria Resolution  Trump should veto new Russia sanctions: Analyst  President Obama Vowing To Veto Obamacare Replacement Bill - America's Newsroom  "Blue Slip" Tradition May Allow Senators to Veto Trump  Russia to veto anti-Damascus UNSC resolution  Priebus: Wall funding might not trigger veto  China, Russia veto UN resolution on Aleppo  Providence City Council Overrides Smoking Ban Veto  Legislature, Dayton In Court Over Budget Veto  Maryland lawmakers override Gov. Hogan's veto on failing schools bill  Barack Obama gets his first veto override of his presidency!!!  Congress Override 9-11 Veto - Newt Gingrich - Risk & Rewards  House To Vote On Override Of Rauner's Budget Veto  Dilma: save the Amazon, veto the new Forest Code  Governor Larry Hogan Promises Veto Of Immigration Bill  US Senate votes to override 9/11 bill veto  Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Bitterness Ensues After Veto Ceremony Results  Justicia paraliza segundo veto migratorio de Trump | Noticiero | Noticias Telemundo  Juez da primer revés al nuevo veto migratorio de Trump  Gov. Rauner: "Do not override my veto."  The War in Syria: Russia and China veto UN resolution on Syria  Hogan pledges veto of paid sick leave bill before lawmakers

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