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  Cooper vetoes GenX bill  Governor vetoes gas tax  Russia vetoes UN Syrian resolution  Russia vetoes UN Syrian resolution  Council Overrides Mayor Vetoes  Governor Otter vetoes grocery tax  House ignores McAuliffe’s budget vetoes  MD Governor vetoes redistricting bill  Mayor vetoes golf course plan  Gov. Scott vetoes marijuana bill  Polish President Vetoes Controversial Bills  Christie Vetoes Minimum Wage Bill  Vetoes overridden in state budget  Russia vetoes UNSC Syria resolution  Gov. Nikki Haley discusses budget vetoes.  Illinois Governor Vetoes Budget Proposal  Governor Malloy vetoes Republican budget  Illinois governor vetoes budget plan  House Overrides Governor's Budget Vetoes  Gov. Bill Walker announces vetoes  Russia vetoes UN resolution on Syria  Gov. vetoes bills on deadline day, including tax increases  Cooper vetoes 2 bills concerning judges, election board  New Mexico governor restores university funds, vetoes taxes  Albuquerque mayor vetoes budget passed by city council  House lawmakers vote to override Baker budget vetoes  Russia vetoes United Nation's Syrian resolution - LoneWolf Sager(◑_◑)  Republican Governor Vetoes Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Bill in NC  Governor vetoes Senate bill to fund the legislative session  Brownback vetoes Kansas income tax bill  Governor signs budget, vetoes tax increases  Rauner Vetoes Income Tax Increase, Senate Overrides  Kansas governor vetoes budget-fixing tax hike  Poland's president vetoes judicial reform bills  Lawmakers split with Bevin, override vetoes  Virginia Governor Vetoes Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood  U.S. Governor Vetoes Voter Investigation Bill  Russia vetoes UN condemnation of Syrian attack  Russia vetoes United Nation's Syrian resolution   Nevada Governor Vetoes Healthcare Public Option  Ohio Senate to consider overriding vetoes  Haley vetoes to affect local arts  Russia Vetoes UN Resolution on Syria  Russia vetoes UNSC resolution on Syria  Vermont's governor vetoes legal marijuana bill  Kansas Governor Vetoes Expansion To Medicaid  State Senate votes to restore funding cut by Governor's vetoes  Russia vetoes U.N. resolution on Syria  Russia vetoes West’s Syria resolution at UNSC  Russia again vetoes U.N. vote on Syria  Governor vetoes 13 bills before deadline  Balloon law deflated after Brown vetoes bill  Mayor Reichert vetoes quarterly garbage billing ordinance  Baltimore Mayor Vetoes $15/hour Minimum Wage  Maryland governor vetoes bill on lagging schools  Hogan vetoes 'phony' congressional redistricting reform bill  Governor Hogan vetoes paid sick leave bill  Gov. Gina Raimondo vetoes indefinite contract bill  Gov. Scott vetoes budget, calls for special session  Full video: Gov. Phil Scott vetoes marijuana legalization  Russia vetoes U.N. Security Council condemnation of Syria attack  Illinois Senate Nixes Governor Rauner's Vetoes Of Budget Plan  Illinois Senate Stops Vetoes Of Budget Plan With Tax Hike  Russia vetoes UN draft resolution on Syria gas attack probe  New Mexico Supreme Court will not hear request to block vetoes  New Mexico governor vetoes bill to protect time off for teachers  New Mexico governor vetoes almost half of all bills sent to her desk  Obama vetoes bill that allowed 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia  "Fundamentally Disagree" - UC Irvine Student Cabinet Vetoes Ban On Flag - Fox & Friends  House votes to override round of Governor Baker’s FY18 line-item vetoes  Russia Vetoes UN Resolution to Condemn Syria Chemical Attack  Polish president vetoes controversial bill in unexpected move  After days of protest, Poland's president vetoes judiciary reform  Russia vetoes UN resolution on Syria - GN Headlines  Friday's Morning Rush Video, 5 Facts: Gov. Martinez vetoes 9 bills, awaits budget fix  NY Gov. Cuomo Inexplicably Vetoes Bill That Would Help The Poor  South Dakota's Governor Vetoes Loosening of Gun Laws  Video: Mayor Pugh vetoes City Council's minimum wage bill  Baltimore’s Democratic Mayor VETOES $15 Minimum Wage Bill  Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback vetoes proposed income tax bill

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