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Seems like BTBs have been popular lately, here's a slew of them among other highlights [Edge Lacrosse]

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Highlights of some of the best plays over the last few years! 2017 Spring Tryouts Start April 1-2, full details and register online - edgelacrosse.com - contact us if any questions - [email protected] All players listed in order they appear:Keaton Thomson - Marquette University Jonathan Donville - Cornell UniversityJosh Dawick - Denver UniversityMatthew Gaudet - Yale UniversityJaden Walcot - Sacred Heart University Nicholas Fulgenzi - UndecidedDrake Porter - Syracuse University Luke Henderson - Rochester Institute of Technology Josh Dawick - Denver UniversityDylan Watson - Georgetown UniversityJackson Reid - Ohio State UniversityLiam Limoges - University of VermontDylan Tulett - Bellarmine UniversityCarter Brand - Denver UniversityDavid Cormack - Monmouth UniversityGareth Haigh - Cleveland State University Colin Hunt - Villanova University Dalton Follows - Harvard UniversityKeaton Thomson - Marquette UniversityTyler Stinson - High Point UniversityRyan Essensa - University of MichiganThomas McConvey - University of VermontJonathon McConvey - University of VermontBrody McLean - Stony Brook UniversityAidan Conlon - University of AlbanyJakson Raposo - Johns Hopkins UniversityTyler Eames - Marquette UniversitySammy English - Cornell UniversityBrent Noseworthy - University of MichiganBrady Kearnan - Canisius CollegeIan Mackay - University of VermontRyan Haigh - Cleveland State University Jake Boudreau - Robert Morris UniversityFoster Coumo - Quinnipiac UniversityKyle Hebert - Stony Brook UniversityMatthew Anderson - Stony Brook UniversityLuke Robinson - Jacksonville UniversityJohnathan Peshko - Johns Hopkins UniversityConnor Kearnan - Canisius CollegeBennett Drake - University of AlbanyBayley Tranmer - Hobart CollegeJustin Inacio - Ohio State UniversityJake Gilmour - St.Leos UniversityTy Conn - Virgina Weslyan UniversityDeclan Conlon - University of VermontAustin Tracogna - University of IndianapolisLucas Snider - Drexel UniversityBrett Handsor - Johns Hopkins UniversityJack Kelly - Penn State UniversityMackenzie Iacocca - St.Johns University


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