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Sen. Schumer says AG Jeff Sessions needs to recuse himself Russia allegations #BREAKING Trump

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Sen. Schumer says AG Jeff Sessions needs to recuse himself Russia allegations #BREAKING Trump https://youtu.be/ss5q4ivpwdUSen. Chuck Schumer: "For the good of the country, Attorney General Sessions should resign."


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  WATCH: Jeff Sessions Press Conference on Russia Communications (2/3/2017)   In interview, Trump expresses regret over hiring Jeff Sessions...   Senator predicts widespread opposition if AG fired   Kristol: Sessions should stay in the AG job   Jeff Sessions: recuse himself from matter related to Trump campaign   Heinrich on Sessions' refusal to discuss Trump's recusal reaction: 'Your silence speaks volumes'   Heinrich on Sessions' refusal to discuss Trump's recusal reaction: 'Your silence speaks volumes'   President Trump: I am disappointed in the attorney general   Chuck Schumer calls on Sessions to resign   U S lawmakers push for answers on Trump team's Russia ties   03/02 Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer "AG Jeff Sessions Should Resign"   NYT: Trump warns Mueller don't delve in finances unrelated to...   Senator Al Franken: Jeff Sessions must recuse himself'   Al Franken "independent investigation and release of Trumps tax return necessary..."   Senator Al Franken 'Sessions must recuse himself'   Blumenthal: Sessions needs to give ‘credible explanation’ or resign   Sessions recuses himself from Russia investigations   Warren: I’d Be ‘Glad’ If Sessions Quit, We Got a New Attny....   Jeff Sessions should remain in office: Sen. Chuck Grassley   Trump rages at Sessions in New York Times interview   Trump leaves open possibility of firing Sessions   Chuck Schumer SLAMS Trump & his tweets about jeff sessions he wants to stop the russia investigation   Sessions to stay on the job despite Trump's criticism   Trump Attacks AG Sessions In Press Conference   Jack Kingston & Maria Cardona on New Calls For AG to Recuse Himself From Any Russia Probe   Tump to NYT: I'd never have picked Sessions if I knew he'd recuse   Trump: I wouldn’t have hired Sessions if I knew he’d recuse   Trump to NYT: I'd never have picked Sessions if I knew he'd...   Schumer's Demand: 'Special' or 'Independent' Counsel   White House: President Trump has confidence in Attorney General Sessions   US attorney general recuses self from Trump campaign probes   Paul Ryan Press Conference On AG Jeff Sessions Trump Campaign and Russia 3/2/17   03/02 Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi & Speaker Ryan Comment On AG Jeff Sessions Russia Probe   03/02 Top Democrats Call ON AG Jeff Sessions To Resign For Lying Under Oath   Sean Spicer No reason for Sessions to recuse   Jeff Sessions: I will recuse himself whenever it's appropriate   Jeff Sessions: I will recuse himself whenever its appropriate   Sean Spicer No reason for Sessions to recuse WORDS COME FROM TRUMP!!   TRUMP No reason for Sessions to recuse WORDS COME FROM TRUMP!!   Senator speaks of frustration with Sessions' hearing   TRUMP No reason for Sessions to recuse   Senator speaks of frustration with Sessions' hearing   Podesta: Trump doesn’t understand the role of Attorney General   NYT: Trump says he regrets making Jeff Sessions attorney general   Jeff Sessions: talked to Tucker Carlson   Sessions: I Plan To Continue   AG Jeff Sessions: Russian Ties, Asked To Recuse Himself   Trump: I'm disappointed in Sessions   AG Sessions Will Recuse Himself From Trump-Russia Investigations   Sessions: I plan to continue as attorney general   Sessions: I plan to continue as attorney general   Trump says regrets hiring AG after Russia probe recusal   FNN: Chuck Schumer Wants AG Jeff SESSIONS TO RESIGN Over Russia Contact - FULL PRESS CONFERENCE   Laura Ingraham Show 6/19/17 - The Comey Testimony Would Have Never Happened   Chuck Schumer Wants AG Jeff SESSIONS TO RESIGN Over Russia Contact - FULL PRESS CONFERENCE   Sen. Franken says Sessions should recuse himself   Attorney General Jeff Sessions Lies to Senator Al Franken When Questioned About Russia   Chuck Schumer Calls On Jeff Sessions To Resign, Special Prosecutor To Investigate | MSNBC   Sen Schumer Discusses Sessions, Russia Allegations   Chuck Schumer Press Conference Calling on AG Jeff Sessions To Resign 3/2/17   Chuck Schumer Calls on AG Jeff Sessions To Resign During Press Conference 3/2/1 7   Al Franken Questions Jeff Sessions On Russia NEWS   Senator Al Franken: 'Sessions must recuse himself'   'I did not have communications with the Russians' Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing   Senator Al Franken: 'Sessions must recuse himself'   Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Trump Russia Probe: Scandal Based On Cia's High Confidence   TRUMP Says He NEVER WOULD'VE Hired Jeff Sessions If..........................   Feinstein: Firing Sessions is a 'red zone' and the Trump...   Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivers statement   LAWSUIT AGAINST TRUMP: Attorneys General Say President Trump Violated Constitution PRESS CONFERENCE   Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuses himself from Russia investigations   AG Jeff Sessions Facing Firestorm for Russia Meetings During Election   I have the utmost faith in Jeff Sessions: Sen. Rounds   AG Jeff Sessions Facing Firestorm for Russia Meetings During Election   Kurtz: Did President Trump throw his AG under the bus?

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