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Sen. Warren Exposes Trump's Plan to Hobble Wall Street Watchdog

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During his March 23, 2017 confirmation hearing, Trump's choice to lead the Securities and Exchange Commission, Sen. Elizabeth Warren grilled nominee Jay Clayton about the President's apparent plan to hobble the important Wall Street watch dog by putting Clayton in charge. Clayton's conflicts of interest are so vast that he would be forced to recuse himself from voting to break ties (the agency has two Democrats and two Republicans) in many enforcement matters. Consequently Wall Street banks and other institutions would be able to avoid accountability.TAKE ACTION ★ http://ResistTheHostileTakeover.org/CONNECT WITH ALLIED PROGRESSJoin our Email List ★ http://aldpr.gs/1EMou1YSubscribe on YouTube ★ http://aldpr.gs/1UaTftOLike us on Facebook ★ http://aldpr.gs/1N01c0FFollow us on Twitter ★ http://aldpr.gs/1EmNmCtFollow us on Instagram ★ http://aldpr.gs/1i7lhoNPin with us on Pinterest ★ http://aldpr.gs/1F2MtKhABOUT ALLIED PROGRESSA nationwide nonprofit grassroots organization, Allied Progress uses hard-hitting research and creative campaigns to hold powerful special interests accountable and empower hardworking Americans. This new endeavor will run aggressive campaigns that target a range of powerful interests including payday lenders, major financial institutions and other corporations, leaders of industry, special interest trade groups and lobbyists, for-profit colleges, voter suppression advocates, and more. Allied Progress will expand its reach through digital and social media actions, earned and paid media initiatives, and this website featuring the latest on its various campaigns.


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