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Senate Judiciary Committee considers nomination of Rod Rosenstein to be deputy AG

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If confirmed, Maryland attorney general Rod Rosenstein would be in line to oversee any investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.


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AG Brand could be next up for Trump probe   Al Franken States His Case AGAINST Neil Gorsuch. Ted Cruz Responds.   RUSSIA PROBE: Dir, of National Intelligence Dan Coats OPENING STATEMENT at Senate Intel Committee   Gorsuch nomination heads to full senate vote   Gorsuch nomination heads to full senate vote   OPENING STATEMENT: Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats Testifies at Senate Intel Committee   WATCH: High-Speed Chase, Police Pursuit of Suspect Wanted for Assault with Deadly Weapon (AK-47)   Rosenstein, McCabe and Coats testify at Senate Intel hearing   Deputy AG nominee grilled by Senate Judiciary Committee   RUSSIA-TRUMP: Dir. of National Intelligence Dan Coats OPENING STATEMENT at Senate Intel Committee   Dir. of National Intelligence Dan Coats OPENING STATEMENT at Senate Intel Committee (FNN)   Feinstein: Firing Sessions is a 'red zone' and the Trump...   Senators emerge from Rosenstein briefing with few details   Senate Democrats addressed Judge Gorsuch on the first day of his hearing   WOW: Protesters Scream During Jeff Sessions Senate Hearing   PART 2: Confirmation Hearing of Trump Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions - FNN   PART 1: Jeff Sessions Testifies at Attorney General Confirmation Hearing Amid Protests -FNN   FULL COVERAGE: Confirmation Hearing of Trump Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions FULL VIDEO   Senator Al Franken Destroys Jeff Sessions Before Committee Votes For Him To Be Next Attorney General

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