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Serenity in Murder - The Highest of Dystopia

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calmness composure patience peace of mind stillness tranquillity cool peace placidity quietness quietude agitation disruption disturbance excitement trouble beatitude bliss ecstasy felicity happiness serenity misery sorrow unhappiness upset calm dispassion doldrums hush impassivity imperturbation lull peacefulness quiet repose rest restraint silence stoicism tranquility clamor frustration loudness noise wildness anger madness restlessness storminess terror turbulence violence accord aplomb assurance balance contentment control cool head coolheadedness coolness dignity ease equanimity equilibrium even temper evenness fortitude harmony imperturbability inexcitability levelheadedness moderation nonchalance poise polish presence of mind sang-froid sedateness self-assurance self-control self-possession sobriety stability disagreement disproportion imbalance instability arousal discomposure concord agreement amity chime comity concert concordance consensus consonance friendship goodwill rapport tune unanimity understanding unison discord disharmony hatred hostility disunity complacency content contentedness eudemonia fulfillment gladness gratification pleasure repletion satisfaction disappointment dissatisfaction worry discomfort discontent displeasure sadness audacity cold impudence nerve sangfroid fear modesty shyness timidity assassination bloodshed crime destruction felony homicide lynching manslaughter massacre shooting slaying terrorism annihilation blood butchery carnage death dispatching hit knifing liquidation off offing bump-off foul play one-way ticket rubout the business the works assassinate behead butcher decapitate destroy execute exterminate lynch shoot slaughter slay strangle abolish asphyxiate chill cool defeat dispatch drub electrocute eliminate eradicate extinguish finish garotte guillotine hang knife liquidate mangle mar misuse ruin smother snuff spoil thrash waste blot out bump off do in knock off put away rub out take a life take for a ride take out bear create give birth heal help preserve save guard protect annihilate abate abrogate annul crush decimate demolish erase expunge extirpate finish off invalidate murder negate nullify obliterate quash quell raze root out undo vitiate wipe out wrack wreck build construct fix aid approve assist establish institute legalize permit ratify sanction support validate revive arduous backbreaking burdensome exhausting fatiguing formidable grueling harsh heavy labored laborious no picnic onerous painful punishing rigorous rough severe strenuous taxing tiring toilsome tough troublesome trying uphill easy effortless facile helpful mild nice pleasant trivial weak motivating bloodbath bloodletting extermination fighting gore killing onslaught peace bring down abase cut down damage drop fell floor injure knock down lay low level lower mow down overthrow overturn prostrate pull down shoot down throw down tumble undermine upset wound encourage raise brought down KOED abased damaged dropped floored injured knocked down leveled lowered mowed down murdered overthrew overturned prostrated pulled down shot down slew threw down tumbled undermined raised helped encouraged aided blow away deep-six dispose of do away with dust grease ice kill polish off snuff out stretch out wax whack zap every the apical best capital chief crown head maximal maximum most paramount preeminent principal superlative supreme tiptop top top-notch uppermost zenithal arch accomplished champion consummate expert finished first foremost greatest highest leading main major master premier primary amateur auxiliary incomplete inessential inexpert inferior insignificant last least lower minor secondary subordinate unfinished unimportant unnecessary worst A-1 ace baddest beyond compare boss choicest cool culminating finest first-class first-rate incomparable inimitable matchless nonpareil number 1 optimum out-of-sight outstanding peerless perfect premium prime primo sans pareil second to none super terrific tops transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed poor poorest incorrect not right cardinal basal basic bottom-line central constitutive essential fundamental indispensable overriding overruling pivotal ruling vital additional extra nonessential outside peripheral trivial negligible consequential controlling crucial effective especial grand key momentous number one potent predominant primal significant star stellar superior telling weighty bad chiefest exalted astral august dignified elevated eminent exaggerated excessive high high-minded high-ranking highest-ranking honorable honored ideal illustrious immodest imposing inflated intellectual lofty magnificent noble overblown pompous prestigious pretentious proud self-important sublime superb top-drawer top-ranking uplifting lowly condemned criticized debased denounced humiliated apocalypse utopia dreamland
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