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Shahid-Mira were a sight to behold at Mandana Karimi’s mehendi

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After a court marriage in January, Mandana Karimi and Gaurav Gupta are making it official with a formal ceremonyYesterday it was mehendi ceremony of the long-time sweetheartsAmong others, actor Shahid Kapoor attended the ceremony with wifey MiraShahid looked dapper in a light coloured kurta-pyjama And Mira looked gorgeous in a yellow ethnic numberThe lovely couple posed hand-in-hand for the shutterbugsNYOOOZ TV Videos - Dedicated to bringing you the latest and best in politics, sports, current affairs and entertainment world. From traditional sports like cricket to best Bollywood entertainment news, NYOOOZ TV is a must watch for news updates.Download our Apps on :Google Play Store :https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...Apple Istorehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/newzs...Our Websitehttp://www.nyoooz.com


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your body Mandana mandana queen beautiful everlasting princess persia wisdom at home wise mother female seer also known as mandane mandanae danae bandana man mens fashion boys guys scarf head band scrunchy do-rag hair tie Shahid shahid shaheed sahid shahid&39;s saheed Mira wonderful prosperous astonishing compassion intuitive artistic feminine sensual mystical grace intoxicating miraculous miracle miracles mireya mira pretty beautiful amazing sexy figure hero star name ace VIP bigwig lion worthy celeb nobody unknown stardom glory honor renown repute éclat big cat big cheese big fish big gun big man on campus big wheel celebrity dignitary fat cat head honcho heavy-hitter heavyweight high-muck-a-muck important person influential person mogul nabob notable personage somebody big kahuna bigshot luminary official person of influence top cat accolade account award badge bays consequence credit decoration eminence excellence fame flair greatness illustriousness importance kudos laurels manner 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