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Shih Chieh Huang installs sculpture at TED2014

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Shih Chieh Huang installs a magical animated sculpture in the TED2014 Community Theater, Vancouver, in preparation for the Fellows talks.


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carbon copy complement copy correlate dead ringer ditto duplicate like look alike obverse opposite opposite number peas in a pod pendant ringer spit and image spitting image supplement tally two of a kind boy concomitant counterpart Fellows Janet janet honest pure wholesome freaky adorable weird al juliet jillian close but no cigar straight outta lynwood jly jjboo kutie caring beautiful loving wildly irresistable my girl girl awkward name roommate person shih Shih Huang huang HUANG plant fix place lay lodge line stop close end leave accredit allot assign choose command commission decree delegate designate determine direct elect enjoin establish finger install name nominate ordain select set settle tap adorn arm authorize coronate dower enable endow endue ennoble enthrone erect exalt festoon heighten honor inaugurate induct invest raise sanction set up stabilize strengthen accumulate amass bank collect commit deliver ditch drop entrust garner give in trust hoard keep lay away park plop 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