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Shocking Moment Driver Brandishes a MACHETE at Youths Through His Car Window [VIDEO]

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Shocking moment driver brandishes a MACHETE at youths through his car windowThe group approached the car in Manchester and tried to open the door as it was driven past before the large blade was thrust from the car window.The six youths crowded around the silver Peugeot before the driver pulled out the machete and drove off.It was caught on camera by Leszek Gandyk, who said the incident in January had left him “frightened”.After squeezing past Leszek’s car at a set of lights, the Peugeot slows down and the driver can be seen gesticulating at another man on the pavement before one youngster yanks open a passenger door.As the car moves off the group follows and the most vocal member of the group confronts the driver.He immediately backs off when the machete is jabbed in his direction.Leszek, a 37-year-old die casting inspector from Stretford, Greater Manchester, said: “It was scary. I didn’t know what was happening and I didn’t know if they were going to turn on me.“I was surprised when the silver car cut in front of us at the lights. I thought there must be some problem. And then it was fighting with these men on the street.“I haven’t seen anything so shocking before. It was really frightening, and happened right in the middle of the day.“There was a conversation between the driver and a person on the pavement. They were shouting quite aggressively.“All of these people gathered round the car and I was thinking ‘what’s going on here?’. They tried to open the door but the car started moving.“A bit further down the road, they caught up with him again and it looked like there was going to be a fight and then all of a sudden he pulls out the machete.“It was so strange. Why is this man driving with a machete in his hand?”Leszek has not yet reported the incident, which happened as he drove from Stretford to Stockport at around 1.25pm on January 31, to police.


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