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Sick and Depraved! Theresa May condemns Westminter attacks

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23/03/2017 News...Sick and Depraved Theresa May condemns Westminter attacks.Dozens of armed police swoop on address in Birmingham ‘where car used in London terror attacks was rented from’ and 'take a number of people into custody'Armed police were seen outside an address near Bearwood in BirminghamThe address is said to match the location the London terror attack driver rented the Hyundai he used as a weapon fromThe road was closed for several hours but police will not give a statement Scotland Yard is handling enquiries, rather than West Midlands Police, but a spokesman said it could not yet comment due to 'operational reasons.Armed police were involved in a raid at a residential property near to a curry house in Birmingham last night, closing off part of the city for more than two hours.Dozens of officers, some response and some with weapons, were seen swooping an address near to the Bearwood part of the city this evening.Hagley Road was closed for a period of time and then reopened. BBC Newsnight has claimed the vehicle used in the London terror attacks could have been rented from the same road.The road was closed from 11pm and reopened by 2am, with witnesses in the area saying people had been taken away by the address.They believe the officers may have been from a counter terrorism unit. A West Midlands Police spokesman said: 'There is an ongoing police operation, no further details are being given at this stage.'There did not appear to be direct information to link the operation with Wednesday's terror attack in the capital, but the presence alarmed residents.Four people and the attacker died in London on Wednesday afternoon after a man driving a Hyundai 4x4 crashed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before hurting towards the gates of Parliament.Metropolitan Police are the point of contact for the Hagley Road operation, but no statement could be given due to 'operational reasons.For More News Subscribe This Channel...THANK YOU


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