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Simple Mushroom Curry

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clean elementary plain quiet smooth straightforward transparent uncomplicated cinch light picnic snap walkover child's play easy as pie effortless facile incomplex intelligible lucid manageable mild no problem no sweat not difficult piece of cake self-explanatory simple as ABC uninvolved unmistakable untroublesome abstruse complex complicated difficult hard intricate involved unclear vague aware cluttered convoluted decorated embellished exacting intelligent jumbled mature older ornate smart sophisticated unintelligible pure classic modest vanilla mere rustic single spartan absolute austere discreet folksy homely homey humble lowly sheer unadorned unadulterated unaffected unembellished unmitigated unpretentious unqualified unblended unostentatious inelaborate not complex open and shut pure and simple unalloyed uncombined uncompounded undecorated unelaborate unfussy unmixed unornamented polluted dirty extraordinary abnormal indefinite unchaste immodest impure honest natural direct basic amateur frank square green artless bald childish guileless ingenuous naive naked sincere stark trusting undeniable unschooled unsophisticated unstudied unvarnished unartificial unexperienced devious uncommon dishonest stupid silly illiterate shallow imbecile fat thick asinine backward brainless credulous dense dull dumb feeble foolish gullible half-witted idiotic ignorant inane inexperienced inexpert insensate mindless moronic obtuse senseless slow soft uneducated unintelligent witless dimwitted simple-minded nitwitted soft-headed thin slight complete consummate downright entire flat out free full infinite no catch no fine print no holds barred no ifs ands or buts no joke no strings attached outright plenary simple straight out supreme thorough total unabridged unconditional unlimited unrestricted utter flawed dependent yielding circumscribed partial part abridged limited qualified imperfect submissive compliant complaisant tractable restricted accountable bounded unfinished conditional needy incomplete uncertain arcadian bucolic countrified country idyllic innocent peaceful provincial rural urban city metropolitan bare bare-bones bleak dour primitive severe spare subdued spending gentle calm bland luxurious indulgent extravagant encouraging elaborate meek blunt chaste cold essential literal meager scant adorned covered robed clothed barest benighted dark uncivilized uncultivated uncultured unlearned untaught learned Simples simple as Simple boom burgeon expand explode flourish proliferate shoot up augment burst detonate grow increase luxuriate spread blow up go off grow rapidly spring up fail shrink decrease diminish shrivel beige biscuit buff café au lait camel cream ecru fawn khaki mushroom neutral oatmeal off-white sand tan taupe blew up billowed bloated distended enlarged expanded filled inflated puffed up pumped up swelled was calm let went shrank let out deflated ignored shrivelled blast bomb dynamite erupt rupture shatter be calm let go deflate ignore mend blossom bud flower prosper snowball sprout thrive decline lose fade die lessen wither burgeoning blossoming budding expanding flowering growing increasing mushrooming prospering snowballing sprouting thriving declining losing diminishing shrinking fading dying lessening decreasing withering shriveling bang discharge fulminate kablooey push the button shoot off touch off va-voom dismantle Mushrooms mushrooms MUSHROOMS Mushroom sauce seasoning condiment relish comb groom powder clean adjust card cleanse curry disentangle dress hackle hatchel lay smooth rasp scrape separate smooth sort straighten tease untangle twist upset wrinkle disorganize disorder cook bake barbecue blanch boil braise brew broil brown burn coddle decoct deep fry devil doctor escallop fix french fry fricassee fry griddle grill heat imbue melt microwave mull nuke panfry parboil parch percolate poach pressure-cook reduce roast ruin sauté scald scorch sear seethe simmer sizzle spoil steam steep stew toast warm up cool help neglect be happy freeze wet aid ignore grow cooked baked barbecued blanched boiled braised brewed broiled browned burned coddled curried decocted devilled doctored escalloped fixed fricasseed fried griddled grilled heated imbued melted microwaved mulled nuked panfried parboiled parched percolated poached pressure-cooked reduced roasted ruined sauted scalded scorched seared seethed simmered sizzled spoiled steamed steeped stewed toasted cooled helped neglected was happy froze wetted aided ignored grew brush coach drill educate lick into shape make attractive make presentable nurture preen prep pretty up prim prime primp put through grind put through mill ready refine refresh rub down shape up sleek slick up smarten up spiff up spruce up tend tidy train turn out forget mess up damage dirty groomed brushed cleaned coached combed dressed drilled educated made attractive made presentable nurtured preened prepped primed primmed primped readied refined refreshed rubbed down shaped up sleeked slicked up smartened up spiffed up spruced up tended tidied trained turned out forgot damaged dirtied grooming brushing cleaning coaching combing currying dressing drilling educating making attractive making presentable nurturing preening prepping priming primming primping putting through grind putting through mill readying refining refreshing rubbing down shaping up sleeking slicking up smartening up spiffing up sprucing up tending tidying training turning out neglecting forgetting ignoring ruining damaging dirtying Curry
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