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Sinister giant black ring 'portal' in sky sparks fears

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HAT IS IT? Sinister giant black ring 'portal' in sky sparks fears of alien attackONLOOKERS were left terrified after a mysterious giant black ring appeared floating in the sky.Stunned witnesses in Novosibirsk city, Russia, are heard calling out to each other at the sight of the eerie ring which remained in the sky before disappearing into clouds.


dire evil malevolent mischievous ominous perverse threatening adverse apocalyptic bad baleful baneful blackhearted corrupt deleterious disastrous dishonest disquieting doomful foreboding harmful hurtful ill-boding inauspicious injurious lowering malefic malign malignant obnoxious pernicious poisonous portentous unfavorable unfortunate unlucky unpropitious woeful auspicious good happy lucky nice benevolent kind calamitous deadly noxious ruinous sinister venomous vindictive helping favorable promising advantageous black atrocious bleak depressing depressive dismal dispiriting distressing doleful dreary funereal gloomy horrible lugubrious mournful oppressive sad sombre clean optimistic hopeful white creepier awful direful disgusting disturbing dreadful eerie frightening ghoulish gruesome hair-raising itching itchy macabre menacing nightmarish shuddersome terrifying unpleasant weird normal pleasant pleasing creepy dark damnable foul hellish immoral infamous infernal nefarious sinful vile wicked plain distinct apparent shining radiant luminous lucid light brilliant bright just pleased cheerful moral encouraging manifest evident vivid visible illuminated honest darker Sinister big colossal enormous gargantuan gigantic huge hulking humongous immense jumbo mammoth monstrous vast blimp gross Brobdingnagian cyclopean elephantine Herculean mountainous prodigious super-duper titanic whale of a whaling little miniature miniscule minute small teeny tiny dwarf minor titan behemoth mountain whopper ogre colossus hulk bulk elephant whale Goliath cetacean monster leviathan Hercules cyclops polypheme runt midget giant tremendous barn door behemothic mondo super Gargantua Godzilla Samson extensive grand great large massive monumental towering heavyweight super-colossal whopping dwarfed ordinary common unimportant insignificant Moby stupendous giants memory wank Giant brunet charcoal clouded coal ebony jet obsidian onyx pitch raven sable slate sloe atramentous dingy dusky ebon inklike livid melanoid murky piceous pitch-dark shadowy somber sombre sooty starless stygian swart swarthy white clean good happy hopeful optimistic distressing foreboding threatening depressing dispiriting atrocious bleak dismal doleful dreary funereal gloomy horrible lugubrious mournful ominous oppressive sad sinister depressive spotted grubby foul filthy grimy impure nasty squalid unclean uncleanly stained soiled menacing enraged sour hostile fierce furious sullen resentful nice friendly pleasant bad mean diabolical iniquitous nefarious villainous wicked Afro-American Negro African blackish black dark inky cheerless comfortless discouraging disheartening drear grim hard harsh hopeless joyless lonely melancholy unpromising comfortable sunny light bright congenial comforting appealing encouraging glad joyful cheerful bleaker bleakest bruise bang up batter beat blacken blemish bung up contuse crush damage deface do a number on injure mar mark pound pulverize wound zing repair fix decorate cure 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length objective orbit outpost outskirts purlieu purview radius reach remoteness remove scope separation size space span spread stretch sweep way width warmth sympathy height friendliness affection celestial cosmos ether paradise the skies hell heaven Arcadia Canaan Elysium Promised Land Shangri-la Zion afterworld beyond bliss dreamland ecstasy enchantment eternal home eternal rest eternity fairyland felicity glory great unknown happiness happy hunting ground harmony heights hereafter immortality kingdom kingdom come life everlasting life to come next world nirvana pearly gates rapture transport upstairs utopia wonderland misery unhappiness sorrow dislike Sky memory wank flare flicker gleam glint glitter glow hint sparkle atom beam fire jot nucleus ray scintilla scintillation scrap spit vestige dullness trigger kindle precipitate provoke stir stimulate animate excite set off set in motion touch off discourage stop halt check cease deaden calm wait blaze bonfire campfire charring coals 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cower falter quail flinch shrink fret be afraid be anxious be apprehensive be disquieted be frightened be in awe break out in a sweat dare not feel concern have butterflies have qualms lose courage steady want meet face brave stretch fear memory wank F.E.A.R. F.E.A.R
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