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Skills gap leaves manufacturing jobs unfilled

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There are more manufacturing jobs available, but less people being hired.


accomplishment art artistry clout competence dexterity experience expertise finesse ingenuity intelligence job know-how proficiency prowess quickness readiness savvy technique address adroitness aptitude cleverness command craft cunning deftness dodge ease expertness facility goods handiness knack line moxie profession skillfulness sleight smarts stuff trade expertism right stuff what it takes clumsiness ignorance inability incompetence ineptness lack avocation difficulty entertainment fun stupidity incapability incapacity inexperience abilities bravery courage credentials dependability drive essential qualities guts knowledge power qualifications self-confidence skills talent the goods the makings the stuff Skill skill Skills chasm crack cut difference disagreement disparity divergence divide division hole inconsistency rift void aperture arroyo blank caesura canyon cleft clove cranny crevice defile discontinuity fracture gorge gulch gully hiatus hollow interlude intermission interruption interstice interval lacuna lull notch opening orifice pause ravine recess rent respite rest rupture separation slit slot space vacuity interspace accord agreement alikeness closure harmony juncture likeness sameness similarity closing continuation energy solid breach break chink eye fissure gap gash outlet passage perforation pinhole puncture slash vent misfortune abyss cavity emptiness gulf hollowness nihility nothingness nullity omission preterition pretermission skip tabula rasa vacancy vacuum womb fullness fill blankness barrenness desolation vacuousness disjunction schism split tear combination attachment association connection bad luck continuity fastening binding breaks cavities armpit atrium basin bursa caries chamber crater decay dent depression pit pocket sinus socket mountain bulge Gap GAP g.a.p.s frond needle petal stalk blade bract flag leaflet pad petiole scale stipule foliole sheet paper folio authorization allowance okay freedom consent sanction assent liberty dispensation go-ahead permit concession tolerance green light sufferance workday difference restraint imprisonment disagreement restriction prohibition limitation protest disapproval incarceration veto refusal denial retirement furlough leave of absence sabbatical vacation adieu departure farewell goodbye withdrawal parting leave-taking stay hello greeting fly quit take off move retire start withdraw escape flee disappear relinquish vamoose emigrate vanish elope abscond migrate sally defect flit embark part exit split scram vacate decamp ditch issue desert forsake beat it break away clear out cut out pull out push off step down come away give the slip go away go forth head out move out remove oneself ride off run along say goodbye set out slip out take a hike take leave walk out maintain care continue join keep hold stop arrive finish come face come in complete remain drop evacuate surrender forbear maroon cede waive terminate yield resign desist cease refrain back out drop out 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