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Skunk Works UCLASS Concept

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http://defense-update.com/20130408_lockheed-martin-unveils-concept-design-for-a-carrier-based-drone.html Lockheed Martin unveiled today the concept ...


Lockheed Martin UCLASS UAS Unmanned Aerial System UAV Concept Vehicle cheat knave scoundrel stinker blackguard bad egg bum cad lowlife miscreant riffraff rogue skunk snake villain collusion bait and switch bill of goods bunco cahoots complicity con game connivance conspiracy craft deceit dodge double-cross fast shuffle flam flimflam fradulent artifice graft guilt guiltiness gyp intrigue plot racket scam scheme shell game sting trick whitewash honesty cur black sheep coward dog good-for-nothing heel hound rat scum toad worm wretch yellow dog hero defeat baffle balk beat down beat the system blank block bury cast down cause setback checkmate circumvent confound contravene cook counterplot cross disappoint discomfit disconcert disprove edge out foil invalidate neutralize nonplus nose out nullify outwit overturn put end to puzzle quell reduce refute ruin scuttle shave shellac spoil squash stump subdue subjugate surmount take wind out of sails throw for loop thwart undo victimize inspirit encourage lose give up open support endorse allow yield clear up win clarify help approve abet prove assist aid surrender enlighten grow explain validate permit defeating defeats Nussy Skunk entirety all whole caboodle whole shebang accumulation across the board aggregate aggregation collection ensemble everyone everything gross group integer jackpot lock stock and barrel mass quantity sum sum total total unit utmost wall to wall whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole nine yards whole schmear whole shooting match whole show works none zip zilch zero ball of wax full monty nine yards shebang show state of affairs the whole shebang whole works canon ana analects anthology chrestomathy classics collected works delectus library miscellanea oeuvre club baton billy blackjack bludgeon business conk buster convincer cosh cudgel hammer hickory mace mallet nightstick persuader quarterstaff rosewood sap shill shillelagh staff swatter truncheon clubs factories branch cooperative firm forge foundry industry laboratory machine shop manufactory mill mint salt mines shop sweatshop warehouse workroom workshop Work Nussy work WORK class y class classy outclass oculars claws clays eclairs glass éclairs declass eclats éclats out class de class approach conception image notion perception theory thought view abstraction apprehension brainchild conceit conceptualization consideration hypothesis impression intellection slant supposition twist wrinkle big idea brain wave fool notion concrete proof reality being attitude concept course crack fling idea lick manner means method mode modus operandi new wrinkle offer procedure program shot stab style technique way whack leaving distancing departure approaches belief assumption credence credo creed doctrine dogma faith fundamental gospel gospel truth ideology law opinion postulate precept principle say-so tenet theorem nonbelief unbelief skepticism doubt disbelief beliefs apperception appreciation clue cognition communing comprehension concentrating considering deliberating design dreaming envisaging explanation exposition fancy imagining inkling interpretation meditation mental grasp musing philosophizing picture plan realization representation speculating speculation version abortion misunderstanding truth fact death ignorance conceptions Nussy concepts largeheartedn legerdemain looked stern locomoting legitimating looked out on largehearted large heartedn lactating look ahead to large hearted looked up down Lockheed Martin locked blockhead licked lowkeyed lacked locket looked lucked loco weed rockhard took heed located blackhead lunkhead low keyed rock hard sick head lock matting mating martian margin matron meting marring meeting art in marina marine matinee main mart martinet muting mutiny smarting carting darting farting marking parting madding mooting eatin latin makin marts satin smarten art on eat in gat in sat in most in Martin Nussy martin usa uss usas aas u s uis uks ums ups bas cas das gas has jas mas pas qas vas was u.s. da's u s s u.s.s us a c as q as u. s. u s a u.s.a. u s a s u.s.a.s u. s. s u. s. a. u. s. a. s UAS Nussy altered desexed emasculate fixed effeminate impotent castrated discourage dishearten unsettle dampen dispirit upset disorganize disturb cripple deject daunt debilitate embarrass disconcert sap undermine weaken unzip discountenance rattle nonplus muddle enfeeble snarl abash shake jumble disparage disorder damp disarrange chill blow up unman blow out get to psych out send up take apart take steam out unglue make good boost arrange clear up approve strengthen help please order compose inspirit encourage purify moralize uplift explain enlighten educate placate sanction assist aid soothe comfort calm organize hearten demoralize neuter fix sterilize spay alter eunuchize geld unmanned UNmanned flying aeriform aeronautical airy atmospheric birdlike ethereal lofty pneumatic up above vaporous ground aerial blowy breezy drafty exposed fluttering fresh gaseous gusty light out-of-doors uncluttered ventilated well-ventilated windy heavy stuffy oppressive closed close burdensome alpine elevated high high-reaching in the clouds montane mountainous rangy snowcapped soaring towering antenna bird snapper bullwhip rabbit ears receiver sky wire whip wire antennae barometrical baroscopic climatic meteorological grounded down-to-earth delicate balmy breakable choice delectable delicious delightful elegant exquisite faint filmy fine fine-grained finespun flimsy fracturable fragile frail frangible gauzy gentle gossamery graceful hairline mild muted nice pale pastel rare recherché select shatterable shattery slight soft subdued subtle superior tender uncareful insensitive imprecise coarse hard ugly tough firm strong loud harsh violent rough crude ordinary unscrupulous uncritical healthful robust inelegant indelicate healthy callous unpleasant horrible Aerial Nussy aerials arrangement organization rule scheme structure classification combination complex conformity coordination entity ideology integral orderliness philosophy regularity setup sum theory totality fixed order frame of reference integrate logical order red tape fraction part cog disorder disorganization practice process technique strategy policy operation procedure systematization tactics pattern artifice proceeding methodology custom fashion manner way routine usage wise mode modus operandi methodicalness course of action definite plan logical process modus orderly process systematic process reality alignment array composition design display disposition distribution form grouping lineup method ordering pecking order ranging rank sequence system code canon charter codex constitution convention digest discipline ethics etiquette manners maxim regulation association compound conglomerate ecosystem entanglement group network syndrome synthesis division separation complexes constituency balloters body of voters body politic citizenry city county district electorate faction nation people precinct state voters voting area ward construction architecture assembly build cast conception contour cut development edifice elevation erecting erection fabric fabrication figuration figure format formation foundation improvisation invention makeup making manufacture mold origination outline plan planning prefab prefabrication putting up raising rearing roadwork shape turn type truth ruins ruin disfigurement destruction disarrangement Nussy System ave ova acv atv avs usa eave guv suave cave cavy fave gave have iap java lava lave nave navy pave rave save urb use uss wave wavy oaf ufo ear ebv far fay oar opv uey ugh aas civ eat hiv oak oap oat rev u s uis upi urn urp uzi us a u.s. a 1 a t a z u ey u s a u s s u.s.s u. s. u.s.a. u. s. s u. s. a. gave 1 2 3 UAV Nussy uav concept automobile bicycle boat bus cab car jeep taxi truck van wagon agent buggy carrier chariot conveyance crate jalopy mechanism motorcycle transport vector wheels end goal instrument tool medium organ apparatus ministry agency way expedient implement intermediary channel instrumentality ways and means means of expression agencies action activity auspices efficiency force influence intercession intervention means mediation operation vehicle work impotence inertia inactivity idleness weakness cause factor power agents auto motor car passenger car caboose cart pram shay vehicles Nussy
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