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Sly Stallone Keeps A Distinctive Profile Through LAX

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - Icon Sylvester Stallone arrives at LAX airport for a flight out of Los Angeles. The action role heavy-hitter keeps a distinctive stride ...


canny impish ingenious intriguing mischievous roguish shrewd smart subtle arch artful astute bluffing cagey calculating captious conniving covert crafty crooked cunning deceitful deceptive delusive designing dishonest dishonorable dissembling double-dealing elusive foxy furtive guileful illusory insidious mean plotting scheming secret sharp shifty slick smooth sneaking stealthy traitorous treacherous tricky underhand unscrupulous wily behaved foolish inept stupid honest open simple straight straightforward Machiavellian contriving devious expedient opportunist sly underhanded frolicsome pert playful saucy waggish inferior archer adept adroit clever dexterous masterly politic proficient resourceful awkward unskillful naive ingenuous artless clumsy brainy bright discerning insightful intelligent keen knowing not born yesterday on the ball perspicacious quick on the uptake sagacious savvy sharp as a tack thick shallow obtuse unintelligent imbecile ignorant asinine idiotic careful 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Lax
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